Saturday, 1 July 2017

20 I Miss You Dad Quotes

Daddies are so underrated in the life of a child often but here's to a dad who you've been missing for long and just want to let him know that. 

I Miss You Dad Quotes

You may not have been the one to have heard my first cry, you may not have breast fed me or been the one who tucked me every night to bed but you were the one who tended for my every need and that's just as important, I love you dad and I miss you so much.

I miss you so much dear dad, I know that these number of years without us has been hard but know that I miss you so much. 

Being one of the Nigerians in diaspora without his family, I know it's one of the hardest things Africans have to face and I miss you and love you even more for all of this sacrifices

I really miss you dear pops, it's seems like forever and I can hardly form an image of your already

I really hope you have the strength to you'll need without us your family dear dad because I miss you so much 

I miss you dad and I hope each passing day you come back from your travels. 
Love you so much

I know in my heart of hearts mommy miss you more than I can ever fathom to say and I miss you like crazy too dad. 
Come back home soon

❤you dad and I wish you a lovely stay abroad but more than anything, I miss you so much

I miss you more each passing second life travels, dad, and bring a souvenir when coming. 
With love, your daughter 

In behalf of us all dad, I say congratulations in your successful deal and Michael more please come back home we miss you so much

We are all of us missing you like crazy please come back home soon dad

I miss you dear daddy and I hope you return home soon because mom and I has missed your lovely welcome in the home. 
Love, your son

We really miss you dad, and I hope you come this holiday as it is sure to be the best I ever had. 
Love you dad

I know as an itinerant's child to expect all this roving from you but it doesn't make me me miss you any less, come home soon pops, we miss you

I really am missing you dad, please come back home it'll be nice to have your back home for Christmas. 
Love you

I know the nature of your job is hard and involves you being away for most of the year but I really miss you daddy.
Love you

We all miss you dad, and I most especially, miss our boys night out. 
Please come back soon dad.

I really miss daddy and I know you are doing all these travelling so you can give us a wonderful life but as long as it is not with you, it's leaves a bitter taste. 
Please come back home dad

We all miss you dad and I can't help but keep counting down till you come back soon. 
Love you pops

Missing your like crazy dad especially mum, make sure to save a lot of kisses for her. 
We all miss you so much

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