Friday, 28 July 2017

20 I Miss You Funny Quotes

Love her/him that you will love to send them a perfect message with wit

*I Miss You Funny Quotes*

Miss you dearest friend I pray you feel the hurt I feel today

I'm going to be driven by my passions of what I feel right now and I hope you cry right now 

I miss you so much more than I Miss d universe

Miss you so much wish I could exchange my heart with yours that you feel how bad I feel 

I miss you like a stale person misses the point

I hate you for making me love and miss you so much

Missing you like Miss Cindy misses Prince Charming 

Miss you love so much I'd throw a rock at you to know how it feels

It feels as though mount Vesuvius pours it's wrath on me each time I miss you 

Missing you is like missing reality

I miss you so much more than I miss the football season when it ends

Missing you like crazy as hell and beyond 

My wholesomeness is like filthy rags when I miss you

I hope you miss me as much as I do you because I miss you like belly misses food

If I say I don't miss you is as true as saying Tom loves Jerry

Missing you is easy as calculus is like ABC

Missing you is like a prayer prevented from fruition

I miss you so much more than my joy for missing schools

Try missing you if you think missing food is hard

If I say I don't miss you, I lie as saying I love hell

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