Friday, 28 July 2017

20 I Miss You Tumbler Quotes

You think losing a loved one by distance is hard and know so even.
Well, tell them so

*I Miss You Tumblr Quotes*

If at all missing you has taught me anything it's that it's no wonder roses have thorns

I miss to sup from your kisses

I'm not sure how much of this my poor heart can take but I must say I really miss you

I wish I could refuse my emotions to show my despair from missing you this much but not missing you is not an option

I always knew you'll be leaving one day for good but I feel so hurt that I have now no one to pillow my fears on

You are today to me but a shadow because I miss you so much my baby that it hurts

Like a lost child, I miss you like I miss home

Run, Run, Run if possible right now to my arms I miss you like crazy

Please! Come back home if only I could grovel to you to sate my beck of missing you this much, I would

Ever since you left I lost a part of me unable to be filled by anyone else

I look at my lonely hands and it should be where yours is fixed

You leave my heart agape with a void that no one else but you can refill 

No further than now and I might die if you tarry from me

I know loving you I said was my joy but you going is as well my greatest

For weeks yet it's as the first day because I miss you even more

I don't know what your love has done to me but you changed my whole life in a minute the moment you crossed that door

I'm addicted to missing you as though one addicted to drugs

You wrong all of my right and right all my wrong by missing you this much causing me to miss you as much as I do now 

The things you do to me is like a needle poked to my soul to leave a hole

Missing you my dear, I would I was just beside you again because missing you makes me feel like a little child left to the whims of despondency, hopelessness and misery

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