Saturday, 15 July 2017

20 I really miss you quotes

Well, do you really miss that special someone, nothing stops you from conveying that to them right now. 

I really miss you quotes

How much I really miss you is nothing short of so much

You are the positive motivating force I'm my life and without you that is missing. 
I really miss that my love

Your absence to me is like a wrecking ball breaking my heart of ask the joy you yourself help build joyfully before

I miss you so dearly my love and it kills me that your have that force over me

You are to me like a rainbow after the rain, a lull after the storm and a light after the tunnel but without you is all darkness and I really miss your light

Was always looking for my Juliet but when I find you, I know I find more than that but then you leave me to bring me back to cloud one
O! I really miss you my queen

You leaving me is like me being dropped from cloud nine.
I miss you but I'll always want you

How I wish our happiness is captured to forever and moments like this when I miss you is seized to never

Maybe some moments are not always flawless, but do long as with you I am, imperfection turns perfect but without you is nothing perfect truly perfect

A day and without the tiniest of you I can swear life is so incomplete and nothing really as be 

You make me feel like I've been unhand from the reach of a beautiful angel divine from heaven when you go

You are the song in me when without you my life is shrouded with harsh cadence of hurt. 
I really miss you my dearest love

I miss you my dame and I never presage we'd ever have to part even for a day and now I don't know how to do without you

I must confess there was never a plan on how to deal with your absence and now I find myself really at a crossroad

I really miss my heaven on earth whenever I miss you

The queen of my heart please return back to your throne in my life and never abdicate again lest my life returns to a bad state

I really only want to be with you because you alone knows how to make me feel peerless and I miss that so much

I really miss your pristine embraced and peerless kisses, O! my love, I miss you so much

Your love takes me to heaven because it's a haven I'll always wish for when you leave

I really miss you like when a mother misses her child when he leaves to be married or a sad wife when she misses her lover when he leaves for war

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