Saturday, 15 July 2017

20 I'm Missing You Quotes

To miss someone, especially when it's hard to deal with their absence can be so hard. 
Well, tell them so

*I'm Missing You Quotes*

I'm missing you so much my love, and like a mirage in the desert, I need you more than ever

I'm missing every inch of your skin, every breath from your nostrils and everyday you tarry I miss you even more

I'm missing the fact that I woke up with you happy and excited to see the day as it starts with you beside now it's just myself in this bed for two

I am missing the nights when we watched the stars wake up and we stargaze together. 

Missing every little thing about my friend but I don't want to spoil your holiday but nonetheless I miss you just too much

There's been a nick in my joy ever since your absence. 
Miss you my dearest love 

Missing you like a widower misses the warm welcome of his wife when he arrives from his work at night

I am missing you just as I hug this darn pillow which is where you should be, in my arm 

Wrapped around my lonely arms is where I wish you are especially this weekend but alas you are there and I'm here

I am missing you so dearly my dame and ever since you left, it's been like a wick that refuse to give any light

Like a prey caught in the tangles of a spidery web that is how I've been taken by your absence because I'm missing you so much 

With much stagnancy as never before seen that is the penance you gave me when you left because I've accomplished nothing but reminisce about you ever since

I know algebra, calculus and I may learn Swahili but missing you is the hardest thing I don't know how to best

Missing you so much as I lie all day to dream and think of you

I am missing that with you was a dream come true but without you now, I feel the weight of the heavens on me

I cannot but count to the hours you should return since you left and that is how much I've gone crazy over you, missing you so much

Missing you too me never gets easier, it's as though the wounds of it festers by the seconds

I miss your smile already that you are gone just hours, I wonder just how much I would be missing you days down and you tarry. 

Please come back to me my love and displace this hurt I'm feeling for joy because I'm missing you dearly

Missing you as though it would be pure hate from me to see two lovers on the street when I'm without you who makes me my happiest

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