Saturday, 15 July 2017

20 Love And Miss You Quotes

And you love and miss that special one at the same time. 
Well, just let them know that.

Love And Miss You Quotes

Loving you as much as I do is why I miss you this much, I can't wait to see you again dear

Love you dear, I want you to know that and also that I'll be here waiting till you return

I miss your smile so much my love and I more than anything else wish you'll be back soon

I knew I'd one day lose you, my love, but losing you to your dreams doesn't sound as bad after all. 
Take care dear

I'll definitely miss the cuddling nights and sparkling warmth we shared, come back soon baby, I'll so miss you

I can't plumb the depth of my misery now that you'll be gone for awhile but I know I'll miss you so dearly.

I love and miss you all the time I breathe and so long as you tarry, I shall 
Come back soon baby

I miss you so much my love and even though you are gone from me, I feel the presence of you still

Missing you has become my pastime my love because it's the closest I get with you in your absence

My dearest love, I really miss my sun and no, not the golden orb in the sky that lightens the earth but you because you are my personal sun

I miss you so much, so dearly and than my heart can describe, my peerless belle because you are my everything

I miss you more than I thunk I would be able to make do with your absence my love

O! I miss my lover's love because it is the alliance of all the most beautiful form expressed in the love you give me 

I miss you so much love, it feels like my day could make do with everything blissful your presence gives

How fast you make my world uncommon to the loneliness common upon a sudden you left 

You are my Muse and without your presence, I am but a vain person my love

My sombre heart you cause from the sobriety it was all cause you left, I really miss your so much, love

Missing you so much, would seem I do nothing but that

I miss having you to my sight like eyes set to a screen because I can never get tired of you but missing you now like missing my most favorite movie

I wish missing you would never be an option but alas right now it's a harsh reality to me

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