Thursday, 27 July 2017

20 Miss And Love You Quotes

Missing that special someone, well let them know you hold them in your heart. 

Miss And Love You Quotes

I miss and love you with every inch of my skin and dregs in my soul

Missing you today so much that I fear my health all because of dearth of you

Miss you like you are the very reason why I should get up each day as since you left I've been kept in my bed of sorrow

Miss you my love because you spark the life in me that nothing else could create

The things you do to me by your absence, I may have not seen hell, but it's as hell

I love you so much that loving you never seems to me too be any less

I love you so much that my life revolves around the corner of your very own life as being absent from me right now is

I miss you my love so much that my own might is hinged on your sight again

I miss you just to little too much than one should ever miss another

You to me are everything and if chance would, I'll still be missing you no less

I miss you but of all I miss is the smile on that your seraphic face that makes my sun shine

Missing you is as a dark cloud because the sun refuse to shine without you

My night is as beautiful as day with you but without your is worse, my morning than nights

I miss you my love too much that if missing you was put out of existence, I'll be just fine

You are as heaven but your absence as hell, I guess one must always go through hell to meet heaven anyways

Missing you never gets easier by days but gives me more reason why I should miss you more

I miss you so much my love that life without you is not worth living

Missing you is as hard and winding even if it's just a day without the view of your smile

Miss you is like having to make do with tares when the flowers have all withered. 

I miss you so much my lovely husband, your brown eyes, your sexy body and beautifully made arms like that of a masseur

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