Friday, 28 July 2017

20 Miss And Love You Quotes

Miss and love that special someone, well, tell them that now

*Miss And Love You Quotes*

Miss and love you like as though you are my Brutus and your love betrays me

Without you life is to me like a pummelling lesson

Without in my life, my heaven is my best hell

I must confess you make me cry everyday, I that never shed a tear in years

My loving you is to make me a blessing as is your absence a curse

Missing you each passing second my heart is like a broken record

I am sick but need no doctor but I'm sick at heart and missing you alone

If you come I hope you recall how you left me so you can know how mad u I've grown from missing you 

Missing you as hard as it is seems now my pastime 

I miss you like rain misses to pour on a parched land

I always taunted other hearts not having a love like ours but now I know how it feels without you I'm my life

To him who much is given is much expected and its no wonder you would leave me alone to rue this much

I miss you probably like life will miss a dead man

Without you I'm like a walking dead

Wish I don't love you this much but the truth is I miss you one time too much 

Nothing is anything when I get to miss you as I do

Missing you unlike anything else never gets mellower by the days 

I fall sick by missing you and you alone can make me well again not a doctor 

I miss you a little too much than the lethal dose to my heart 

Missing you is like being made to miss all of my joy stored in one that is you

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