Saturday, 15 July 2017

20 Miss You And Love You Quotes

Missing and loving someone so much and what to text them about it

Miss You And Love You Quotes

Missing and loving you so deeply my dear has killed all the pastime 

Loving you is to me the biggest deal as missing you is my biggest ordeal

Nothing is worth more to me than never having to miss you ever

I miss you love and I could swear to the heavens that missing you is unlike anything I've ever felt

Ever since I've had to miss your, I've been at a fray with reality not knowing if I you appear on every face

I always hoped life was a perfect bliss but then those trips come and I have to miss you again

If missing you is my punishment in life, then life has shown numerous time that it has given me my fair share because missing you is pure hell

I love not missing you because missing you is like being locked out of the heaven's graces

There's no such thing as outright happiness all the time as once a time we have to come down to reality and me missing you is my own reality from our fairy tale love

I miss you every second some lucky place has you in its arms and I have to wake without you instead

As though burdened by the misplaced grace of the morning, I wake up each day to have to deal with missing you again

My cumbersome heart, since you left have failed me in trying to see the outside world because I've become like an inmate locked away from the world

I don't know how long I should keep on missing you but I know how much I miss you and it's deathly

So long chance has stripped you from me, then has my joy has been seized

I miss you like an addict misses and love his long-had drugs

I love that I have you to miss but I hate missing you

My basest fear in life is knowing that I should have to miss you at any time be it by life or death like now as I am missing you do much now

I miss you while you are gone and love you while you are with beside me, that is how I spend my life with and without you

You are all of all of the reason why when I have to wake up with you, my smiles are as blossoming as a flower

Missing you is like a child owning a beloved toy but never really possessing it for use

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