Friday, 28 July 2017

20 Miss You Friend Quotes

You miss a friend, well, tell them you really miss them before the opportunity skips the perfectly timed moment

*Miss You Friend Quotes*

Missing all of your friendliness, liveliness and your shine, can't wait to see you again dear friend 

Many reasons are there to want to forget about our friendship but I chose not to because you are priceless to me. 
Miss you dear

I miss you bestie, sometimes I even think I think I could have persuaded you  to stay because I really miss you

I miss having you next me my dear friend, your presence is like petrichor during rain

If chance would gift me a new opportunity I'd do things differently and we'll still be friends now. 
Miss you do much 

I miss knowing that I always have someone to bank on because I miss you

I miss the sun in your presence, my friend and now it all seems like night

I really missed hanging out with you and your absence makes each day like hell

I fear if I dwell to much on our friendship days and I can't even get a real friend since you. 
Missing you dear

Missing you so much as though, the world seems a small place without you 

I miss you so much and I rave about my mischance each day that I get to go without your friendship

I miss our days of yore and everyday seems like a penance from missing you

Missing you my friend, I hope seeing you comes fast that than I hope to be

I prayed seeing you soon again, I'd have my best friend because the town's not been same without you

I can't hope for better days than when you my friend return to hope to see you soon dear. 

I miss your being friends with you and with all this our little fights, I am more than fed up of them.

So much my dearest friend, I hope seeing you again soon and pray for your return

Like as though nothing is ever right since you left, I miss you so much

I miss you my friend, I hope that your return will be the coming of my joy again. 

A friend is truly to be choiced to a brother and you my friend, I really miss you so much than a brother

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