Wednesday, 5 July 2017

20 Missing You In Heaven Quotes

Have the unfortunate grim reaper seized a loved one from you and you'd want to express how you feel.
This might just be what you need then

Missing You In Heaven Quotes

I miss us and now that I know you see me from heaven it's my dream to be united with you one sweet day

Heaven now has my happiness because it has you.
I miss you dear

I miss that we were always our happiest and I even despaired it must have been fairy tale now death has taken you away and I'm now down to reality

I really miss the heaven you brought to me and now that you are gone by death, it's seems like hell

I miss having you to miss and now that heaven has you, I'm so sad

I wish heaven will give you back to me because since you left, my life's been hell

I love that I had a love and I'll always be happy to have you but it's a pity for you have been taken too early when our love blossomed

I only wished more time with you, if only life would gift me more chance with you

Heaven please, I need her for just one day because I am never the same without you

You make it easier when life gets hard and now that I live without you, life is nothing but hard always

I wish I could have you more for all the years I neglected you for I know that your love was everything I needed yet I did little to appreciate

My love for your is eternal, deathless and ageless and even if death has you now in heaven I know I'll see you again

I am so in love with nothing quite like you and I know I'll see you in heaven but I really miss you now

Heaven must be of more splendor because it has you but I really miss all that about you

I miss everything about you my love if only heaven can gift me the gift of your smile again because I miss you so much

I miss you with every bit of my soul because you made me feel what it is to be loved but I know that heaven has your now and I know one sweet day we'll see again

I really miss you and I know that even in heaven you smile at me too, and knowing we'll meet one day soon, I can't help but miss you more

I really miss the beautiful things about us but so long heaven has you it must be for the best because I know we'll smile again when next we see

I miss having you too me and so your love to myself because your love is all I ever wanted and never wanted to lose, please heaven give her back to my arms

I want more than anything to wrap my arms around you again because I miss you so much and if only one wish I could ask of the heavens, that is the only one I would because despondent has been my days without you

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