Thursday, 6 July 2017

20 Missing You Mom Quotes

Missing that special woman of all woman in your life- Your Mother. 
This is just how to tell her how special she is and that to you are missing her so much. 

Missing You Mom Quotes

I'm missing you so much dear mom and I just wish you'd come back soon because I even miss your scolding and tenderness. 
Love you

Pity, because I miss the Queen of my Heart and it's you, mum, please don't abdicate your throne in my my heart because there's no one else in the world like you

I miss you mom and dad too, we've been talking about you since you left because we are missing you like crazy. 

Wish you'd come back home soon mum, it's really not been the same since you and dad's quarrel and I can see daddy is contrite at heart since it happened but just to proud to say it. 

I really miss you mum and although it's only been days I've missing you like it's a year already. 
Please come back home 

I know it's a lot to take in but I hope you forgive dad and come back home mum. 
We are missing you at much

I miss the woman that bore me to the world 
I miss the woman that for 9 months sacrificed all worth it to give me a room in her
Missing the woman that gave her own joy to see my joyful. 
Missing you mum, please come back

I miss you mom from the bottom and peak of my heart, please come back soon

It's Mother's Day and there's many a thing I can say to you mum that I'd rather say to you.
Please come back home, we are missing you

I am missing you so much mum, nothing could tell to pay the debt we owe you for all the love you've given me

I've been nursing a broken heart since you left mum, please come back home as soon as possible, dad has been sad ever since

I'm missing you so much mum, but my heart can better tell what I am feeling right now, it's been a miserable season without you

No matter the obscure nights, no matter how hard I am missing you mum, it doesn't get lesser mum, we all of us miss you so much

What are the odds mum that you and dad would want out of the beautiful relationship we believed you both had. 
I really miss you mum.

You still to me are the best daughter in the world and I miss you so much. 
Please come back home mum. 

I never wanted you to go mum because we miss you so much, myself and dad including, plus come back and makes it right. 

I hope you come soon mum after your deal abroad because I miss you so much mum and I'm also happy for you. 
See you soon mum

I, missing you, I never thought I'll see that day because you've always been beside me all my life. 
I miss you mum and wish you all the best

I'm really reminiscent of our times together with dad mum because we were happy and I miss that please come back soon mum

We are all of us missing you mum because you are the best thing to happen to us and we hope you come back soon. 
Love you


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