Friday, 28 July 2017

20 Missing You Quotes For Her

Missing her so much, don't tarry, just let her know.

*Missing You Quotes For Her*

Missing the sun in your eyes, this one in the sky is just a reminder of what you are to me

I miss the emblem of beauty that glows in your presence rubbing off on me, I really miss you dear friend

Your absence my dearest and beloved girl is like a sling shot catapulted to my heart

You make it easier when life gets hard as you make it harder when being absent

I miss having someone as you by my side but you are not just anyone else you are my all

I trust the process of Fate that you'll come  soon but even now that I know I miss you still

Missing you makes me jealous of every other happy hearts out there, I hope you return soon

I miss the embraces, the sweet kisses and hugs you tightly give. 
Please come back soon

I miss you my love, I hope the horizon will give you back to me soon and halt my pains

Missing you like I never missed anything else before my dear, do take care but know I really miss you

Missing you never gets easier, I miss your so much love 

Miss you my love, because you are my sun and I, the moon and without you, I cannot shine

I fear too much that I miss you so, please come back soon my love

I miss you dearest love because nothing is quite something without you making it that

Like a moth unable to refuse the curb of a flame so is missing you like my fated death.

Missing you dearest love, it would seem like life literally just prefers I damn

I only hope that after this hell of being without you, you'll bring back to me, my heaven, YOU

Us together was like being on the peak of love, now it's just me low in my pains

Nothing's much a joyful reason without you.
Missing you so much today as yesterday, ever so 

I miss you just too much than I deserve to be ever missing one as paramount in my life as you. 
I hope you come back soon my love 

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