Saturday, 15 July 2017

20 We Miss You Quotes

Missing someone and someone just like you is missing that special person too. 
Well just here is a list of message.

We Miss You Quotes

We miss you dad, I can't wait till you come because without you holidays are just bland and dull

I miss you my love and our children too, we can't wait to get with you today

Rally yourself to us my sin, we are all missing you and waiting to congratulate you on your success

We miss you darling mom, we are happy that your trip has finally meet it's end and we can see you again. 

We await more than Christmas, your presence dad, please come back soon

I am so gladden at heart to know you are coming home soon, we can't wait to see you soon dad

I'm so happy my dearest friend, nothing gives us more pleasure than to see you come back soon

I am so missing you my dearest friend and all of us your friends are missing you especially, please come back soon

I and all of our class 98 miss you so much, we hope to see your soon dear

We miss you my friend, I hope and pray that this night will not pass to day till we see again. 
See you soon

Midst of your absence, there is nothing joyful in today or tomorrow, we miss you bestie, please come back soon

I am missing you like nothing else I've ever missed, I hope and pray that the appointed time of your absence will not drag further, miss you so much love

We miss you so much my friend, come back soon because this ambience seems strange without you

I, most especially, together with all of our friends, miss your voice, your welcoming presence and your personality, please come home soon my friend 

We, both of us miss you bro, it's been like forever since you left and this home is missing something that only you can give

Without you mum, the holidays can never be a jolly day

I miss you mum, more than anything and dad including, twould be a happy place at home if you and dad could just work things out again

Despondent from missing you, we wish you'll come soon because since you left your liveliness has been wanting

Missing you my dearest mum and by unsaid behest of all of us that loves you so much please come back soon

We miss you love, I and our beautiful children, can't wait to get within the very presence of you again. 
Love you dear

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