Saturday, 15 July 2017

20 We will miss you quotes

That special one is/will be gone soon, well, tell them how much you love them and will miss them as the need arise.

We will miss you quotes

We, your long time friends would find life an empty sojourn by this your travel.
We miss you dear, take care of you

I'll miss you more but the rest mustn't hear of it because I know even if not as much as me, they'll miss you also

We will all of us miss you mum, please come back soon, you are our everything

Like a bad dream is the fact that you would be leaving soon and I wish I could wake up away from that but alas it is true and we'll miss you dear

We will miss you son because you are our greatest gift from Good and I pray you make all of us that love you, proud

We will miss you, dear boss, congratulations to you and your family on your well deserved break

We missed you my dearest bro but now that you are to be gone, I can't say for the rest but I'll miss you my dear

We will miss you son as you go to school now, I can give a three hours lecture on how you should comport yourself but what beats me most is having to miss you. 
Take care dear

We will miss having your playful and jovial self with us dear friend. 
Take care of yourself all the same

Annoying and meddlesome you were even to me but now that you are to go, I find myself already missing your prying self. 
We will you friend, take care

I can't believe that after years of being friends in the same neighborhood, school even church, we'd end up leading a separate ways. 
We will miss you my bosom friend.
Take care

Will miss you dear daughter as your status has changed now and you have a primary family of your own
Do take care of you my love

I can deny a thousand pain stoically but you leaving is one that eats me up the most, will miss you my dearest friend. 
Take care

We miss you dear sis and I'm especially going to drown in my loneliness because missing you cannot get harder than this

We will miss you friend, do take care of your self for us

We will miss you dear cousin, make sure to visit again when school is out. 
I can't wait to see your again

We will miss you dad, do take care and return soon because I know how hard it is to see you go every time especially to mum. 
Love you pops

I wish I would not say this but I'll rue not saying it also, so let me just say I'll miss you dear and make sure to take care of yourself. 
Love you

I only pray you visit again because I almost forgot you would leave one day, we will miss you dear. 
Take care 

Basking in our friendship was to me a world of its own from this world itself and now I and our friends will miss that. 
Take care friend, wish you and your family the best

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