Saturday, 1 July 2017

21 Congratulations Message On Ring Ceremony

To a couple just engaged and by a ceremony peculiar to some culture, here is the perfect way to greet them on their special day

Congratulations Message On Ring Ceremony 

Congratulations! my son, I was ecstatic to behold the somewhat strange but beautiful ring ceremony and I am you are now affianced and spoken for. 
Congratulations on a beautiful lady you have found and well bred even. 
Love you son

I wish you all the best my daughter, and I pray for joy as you are now engaged. 

As you proceed on planning for the biggest of them which is the wedding, I pray that true love shall be your guidance to this new life together.
Congratulations on your engagement

Seeing you my nephew in your engagement is pure bliss of no rival and I am elated for your sake.
Congratulations on your ring ceremony and wish you joy forever.

Congratulations on your engagement.
I cannot thank my in-laws to be enough too for a albeit new but beautiful ring ceremony, I wish you all the best in your life together

I am joyed witness the novel ring ceremony cementing your engagement my dear friend.
Congratulations on finding a beautiful family too. 

Congratulations to both of you my cousin, I pray you will be happy as the step of engagement is already a step into marriage.
Wish you ask the best 

Lots of love and a lifetime of bliss is my wish for both of you. Congratulations on your engagement.

The smell of marriage is pervading the air already and I can hear Beyonce's single ladies singing, bye my friend to Single Club
Congratulations on your engagement

To congratulate you, my friend, I say a happy engagement to you and your bride to be, may her family be the perfect ones because they say the seed does not fall far from the fruit.
Congratulations on your engagement dear

All the best wishes to you both and to you especially my friend, I once dreamt we we'll wed the same day but alas it will not come true but I must say I am happy for you leaving the Single ladies club. 
Congratulations on your engagement.

Congratulations! and may today presage joy to tomorrow in your marriage. 
I wish you all the happiness you will, both of you, need
Congratulations on your ring ceremony

Congratulations! I wish you both, bliss, beautiful babies, happiness, wealth, health lifetime of togetherness. 
Congratulations on your ring ceremony

Congratulations to both you and your bride. 
I can't express my feelings of happiness enough but I say that a very happy engagement to you. 
Have a wonderful love and fall in love with each other everyday for life

There is nothing lovelier than two souls acquiescing as one in engagement and on this stage of your love, I say congratulation. 

I cherish that you hold each other in love and it gives me the sense your bond will last than strong ale effect Congratulations on your ring ceremony my friend

I wish you both sturdier love that will blossom like the rose you both are. 
Congratulations on your ring ceremony

I know the love and friendship you have one for each other was real and strengthens by the hour.
Congratulation on your engagement dear. 

I only hope for growth and a tenure of forever of the love you both have for each. 
Congratulation on your ring ceremony.

Stronger love and better bond that binds you more than the ring now in your hands I wish you. 
Congratulations in your ring ceremony. 

As you come together and agree to marry, may you never part. 
Congratulations on your ring ceremony and I pray you really stick to your vows of forever with each other.

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