Thursday, 27 July 2017

21 Funny I Miss You Quotes From The Heart

With wit, make the finest of compliment to tell that loved one you miss them. 

Funny I Miss You Quotes From The Heart

I miss you like a butt misses fart

Missing you my love like so much like Tom do not miss Jerry

I miss your too much than my cute pink lips can ever completely say

If only I could prick you with a needle to know how much much I'm dying inside from missing you as much as I do

I miss you so much my love that missing you seems my

The pain from missing you is harder than the pain from failing the last digit of a telephone number and having to start all over again

I miss you so bad like Niyola's Tó bad

I miss you so much my love and unlike David, I want my love to fall on you

How hard it is to miss you is harder than a boxing match because I'll rather a physical pain than this

I miss you so much my dear missing you has become my norm

Missing you never seems to get any easier by the second like the hands of time

Missing you is so hard that I'll write you on a rock and throw it at you if you would feel the pain too

Miss you so much like than miss like little Miss Miss

I miss you like the fart in my ass that refuse to come through and pains my belly

Like Real Madrid, I never give up for in the last minute I know I'll see you again. 
Miss you so much dear

Like man city, I wish I could spend a lot on my defenses that I won't have to count the scores from missing you as much as I do now

Miss you too much baby that the word 'too' is an understatement but tutu(cold) as you make me feel without you

Missing you never gets old to me like the old testament

I miss you my love that the flames of your presence burns the moth in my life

Like a foul smelling breath, you make my day bad by your absence because you are too me like a toothpaste

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