Friday, 28 July 2017

21 Funny Missing You Quotes

With wit, you'll like to tell her you miss her. 
Well, you should do just that aided by these messages

*Funny Missing You Quotes*

I miss you like a little child misses U when writing the alphabet

I miss you like Miss Universe

Guess what my love, I checked the dictionary for catastrophic and you and me without each other was the definition

I want to give you my P and displace my G, so you'll know that without you is pain not gain

Miss you so much my heart's content is like an empty stomach without you 

I miss you like a poor man wished for money 

Like the altar of a pastor, you make me filled with gifted pain

Be happy while you still have teeth to smile they say, but how can I be without you

Being your lover, I feel as though like bread without butter

Missing you so much more I'd wish you threw me a stone to feel otherwise a physical pain that this

A cut to my heart will be better than missing you

Miss you like a happy sad Miss misses being a Mrs

I miss you so much more than

Right now my wish is that I chained you up that I won't have to miss you as I do now

I'm a sucker for pain since you left 

I'm a slave to this missing game my love

I've been nothing short than a dummy since you left

Like Olamide said champion you should be given the belt for killing me without a touch

You make my heart knock pon pon pon when I miss you

Missing you is like Tom and Jerry's play in my heart because a civil war stir in my life when I miss you

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