Saturday, 1 July 2017

21 I Miss The Old You Quotes

Are you fed up of having to deal with the changes that come some time with life and especially expressed in people. 
Here's how to convey just that

I Miss The Old You Quotes

You know I've read books and watched movies on the possibilities of having to deal with our situation where we are stuck in the past because  I just want to know that I miss the old you

I miss our days of yore old friend, I really wish most times we could just relive them again

If only we had time to wind back, I'll want to see us when we really were happy but since we had kids and other people have been involved in this marriage, it hasn't been the same anymore

I really hoped that we could relive those days when it was ride and die together, us against the world but it's never been the same ever since. 
I really missed us

I miss when we locked it down together and nothing was better than us two together, now to this reality it seems like a lifetime ago

I really miss having you close to me because it was all that mattered to me and now although we are together, it feels a distance separates us

I miss our carefree days old friend, I don't know if you do too but I wish they could come back again

I missed those days when, it was just us, no care for the world or wife and kids to run back home to but now although it's a beautiful thing to have settled down, I just want even for one day to see those days again

If only it were mine too give I'd lay the world and all to have you as you were

They say time heals it all but time that infallible entity has stolen you from me and made you cold to love. 
I really miss the old you

I'd give the world and everything to make us work again because ever since we became a pair, it never was as it was before

I don't know if I read meanings into everything too much but all I can say is I'd give the heavens to see us in our happiest again

I miss having you as the friend and wife you were but now you are just the latter.

I really missed you and how you were and I know it's hard to say but this is a whole different you and I can understand with everything that happened why change had to occur but you can't begrudge a man for wishing the former days that was a lot better and sweeter 

I miss us in our happier and I know you do too, please bring back the old you my love

I don't really want to change you because I accept every part of thee person you are now but I know that even you miss the former days because we were more carefree and happier.

I miss you and I dear friend and I an sorry but I cannot help but keep feeling that things might have turned out different if we chose differently

I missed us in our days of yore, if only it was possible to bring back old times, I'll do it without a second thought

I really miss the days when it was us against the world, now with all the vicissitudes and changes, everything seems a stark different from how they once were

I miss us my dear husband, those days when you wooed and it was filled with passion and now marriage and time has sunk all those happy times together

If only I had a wish I'll let I'd want to be stuck in yesterday with you when we were out happiest birthday alas we must grow because I know all things are not a bed of rose

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