Saturday, 1 July 2017

21 I Miss You Babe Quotes

Do you miss that special someone so much you'll want to tell that babe so
Well, here's the perfect list for that.

I Miss You Babe Quotes

I miss you babe and knowing that you still have more months to spare in awayness is just pure penance to me. 
Miss you so much my love, please come back home

With the least of seconds you have after your work there please come running back home to me babe because I miss you so much

I really am missing you so much my babe, if only you know the feeling that stirs inside of me now. 
Please come back home dear

O, I miss you babe and I wish I could wish you upon the stars I now look upon

Love and miss you at the same time dear, it's really been hell without the brilliant and scintillating spark that your presence gives

I can't help to get livid in my head for you babe, missing you with each passing second of the day. 
Love you so much

I really miss you babe, days grow into night, seasons change and the tides dabbles yet the one constant thing is your absence. 
Please return home baby

I'm sorry for feeling distraught babe and I don't know how to allay this hard feelings that stir but really miss you dear

I miss our Saturdays, our us-time, our evening dates and most of all I miss you than the air I breathe. 
Please come back home babe

I am so missing you now babe, it's really been nothing short of a breathless punishment by your absence

I can count up to the seconds you left babe and it's my penance I'm missing you please come home soon babe

If only I could have your here right now I would love to recall your beautiful face to my brain again because I keep missing you and meseems I'd go crazy soon without you
Please come back home babe

I miss you babe, it's been a nightmare this past few days without you and it feels like the wall's been caging in on me. 
Please come back home to make it right 

I miss you babe with every fiber of my soul and I feel like a child in need of his mom.
Please come back soon babe

Babe, if seeing you only exist in dreams, then I want to forever lie like Sleeping Beauty because I miss you so much

I really miss you so much babe, the truth is I never knew feelings could escalate in the twink of an eye and now that are gone I miss you like crazy

I miss you do much babe and I hope that you know these last days has been hell for me having to wake up to see empty the right side of the bed but I hope you make it here as soon as possible

I want more than anything to not miss you till you come babe, but I really do and I just can't help it. 
Love you so much

I really miss everything about you, the curvature of your cheek, the perfection in your imperfections and all. 
Please come back home babe

I miss our little times together and all that wet had and if only time will permit I'll like us to have them again babe. 
Love, till you return

I can't wait to you get home babe to my heart where you really belong. 
Love you do much dear

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