Friday, 28 July 2017

21 I Miss You Like Crazy Quotes

Missing someone, so crazily, it would do you well to tell them so.

*I Miss You Like Crazy Quotes*

Miss you like

The last time I wore a smile was the day before you told me of your leaving 

I was and is dead ever since you left, please return what you took. 
My joy

We all miss your presence but I miss yiu more because I miss the assurance in your presence

I miss our memories and all of my hopes in is hinged on your coming lest I go crazy from missing you

How much I treasure your loving is much more than a poet loves his art but missing you makes all of my doings but mere dabblings

I always forget that you are not here, my cushion and then I fall but by your absence I am as a broken vessel

You never forget to seize your hold from me because even though you are gone, I still am in your thrall

As these times when one thing is missing, you get to be the one that helps me through the moment but now that you are missing from me, it's so hard to think you that was my world is now my hell

Night is like the worse of my days because I see my pillow more and see you don't occupy the left of my bed

Days without you is like months stuck in hell

You make me feel like without you my sunshine will never shine

I miss you and when Time goes by, it brings me back to our happier days and darns me more

I miss you, I need you and more each and every day I go crazy knowing I have to go without you

More my words cause me to despair knowing nothing is quite like you

Each day I love you more, it kills me knowing I should then miss you more because you are my everything

Than words can ever say, I miss you so much more than food

Having to miss you is like having to my possess gold but never really using it

You make me feel like I've been locked up away from reality's shore in my delusions from seeing you on everything there is

I miss you too much to save myself from break, because even now I feel as though fate is my foe for taking you away

I miss you so much more like you closed the gate of joy since you left

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