Saturday, 15 July 2017

21 I Miss You More Than Quotes

How much do you miss them, well, here's how much you can express it by this allaying list 

I Miss You More Than Quotes

I miss more than I ever thought I would, you than the most beautiful sight of the seven wonders of the earth that pales to your face

I miss you more than I ever missed the scent of the earliest ambience of morning after a long night

I miss you and even more than a man in fast in the Holy month misses the stodge of food to his belly

I miss you so much more than there is the words to say how much

I miss you my dame and way more than ever the Nigerian economy need change

Much more than a tome can fill, you are everything to me I can never completely write

You are more to me than light is to the eye

How much I miss you is an understatement should I begin to run through the gamut of my loneliness because I miss you than I ever did miss anything else

If I ever I say less of what you are to me, it is not me for this me love you truly than a thousand dollars and miss you than a brightsome sun

Missing you so much my friend than a thrown object misses the hands of the ground

I miss you do much than an empty stomach hurts for a meal

Missing you that it seems as though a losing team without a medal wishes one

The way I miss you is than I ever missed the warmth of a mother's touch after marriage

I miss you than my sanity I lost ever since you left me

I miss you much more than there is breath in my life to say

I miss you more my dame than a dry land misses the the rain

Missing you dad more than I ever did when you were present 

I'm so missing you my dear sister, and than a summer sun ray after a long winter

Missing you makes me as despondent than a trophy-less sport club

Than I miss my childhood in a spree of reminiscence, I miss you at much more

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