Saturday, 1 July 2017

21 I Miss You Quotes For Him

To that special guy you are missing and needing in your life to make it's all complete.
You have just found the right words to convey how you feel in this list

I Miss You Quotes For Him 

I miss you so much like the Spring when winter comes, like the rain when the sun bears and like a hungry man wants food 

When we are apart, I feel so crazy yet some say less is much but with you, much can never be enough

You make me feel like I'm lost without a trace each time you go

If only I can conjure you up by some trickery to me this instant for I miss you so much like life and air

You make me a good example of what it is to be a king without a Queen because without you my kingdom is useless. 

I'm like Sleeping Beauty without Prince Charming to kiss me from my death sleep each time you go and I wait till you come. 

I would rather part the world before you than live two seconds after you are gone. 

Sitting watching every particle fall and counting every single day and night till you come, that is how you make me miserable for you

I miss you so much like a suckling child misses her mother's breast  

I wish I could snuggle you like the darn pillow I'm left with every night but alas for I miss you like crazy 

If I had the chance to live a life that has not you in it, I'll rather choose one where I would miss you day and night, so long as I have you to miss. 

Only if you could hear my heart beat, you'll know they beat so fast eager to see you return

Each day is miserable knowing that you won't be there to make it beautiful

Each day when I'm awoken by the crows, it seems they sing my pain because I wake to the sad reality that you are away

Akon couldn't have described a lonely heart better because I'm as Mr Lonely miserable without you. 

I miss you like a land smeared by drought misses rain 

The trouble I face each day dying while missing you, to think just to see you would be the solution is just something else. 
Come back home baby 

I miss you more everyday and I wish I could just wish you away but I love that I have you to miss all the same. 

I hate to stop missing you because since you are gone, it's the only thing I have of you. 
The thoughts 

I miss you darling, so much that I feel I'll drown in my sorrow a day without you

If I was dying and I'm given a choice of air or you, I'll choose you many more times before I die

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