Saturday, 15 July 2017

21 I Will Miss You Quotes

Is he/she going and you'll miss them, why not tell them then

I Will Miss You Quotes

I will miss you so much my love and I can't just kill the pride inside of me to not say it

I know I will miss you as even now I see you I miss you but I feel fine knowing you'll come back to me 

Wish I could displace the time I'll have to miss you because I know I'll miss your when you are gone

I wish I could say I wouldn't miss you but I would and I miss your even more

Morning, afternoon, evening and night I'll miss you and I know not one second I won't miss you more

I don't know why I keep telling myself this lies in trying to shun your importance to me but the truth is I'm miss you so much 

I catch your scent in every wind and even now I know I'm miss you when you are gone

Wish I can find the strength till you return but the truth is I don't know how much your absence will become the death of me but I know your presence alone is my favorite cure

Missing you even now and will miss you more when you are gone but I know that there's nothing like me and your when your are returned

I will miss your so dearly my love because I've so fallen in love with you that your absence cannot make me fall out of love with you

I Will miss you like I miss the sun in the night

I will miss you because since the day I said I do I know you live not for you alone but for us, so I miss your and I don't think I'll stop in missing you any less

Love always find a way but it I know that I'll miss you just too much till the way bring you back to me

I know it's expedient you go alone but I wish I could run away with you from all of life and not have to miss you

I miss you so much and never ever I hope we would have to part again because s life in bonds with you is better than a seeming freedom without you

I miss you so much my lover and my friend and how do I hold on without someone who belays me to life's joy

Our baby girl with a lovely cackle and you in my arms by morning, that is what I will miss the most

Will miss you my dame, without you my devastation has no name

Picture this 
Happy us with a blissful marriage and lovely family and compared to this, missing you like this, it's nothing short of sure hell

I will surely miss you and will I could be lost with you too because I don't even care to whatever where we may go

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