Friday, 28 July 2017

21 Miss You So Much Quotes

And how much miss you that special someone? 
Just tell them how much

*Miss You So Much Quotes*

I miss you so much more than there is words enough to express how

If culture is a way of life and without a culture, an entity is null, then you are mine and without you, I'm lost

I miss the embrace, the shudders, the beauty and the loveliness in your gaze, cannot wait to get with you again. 
Miss your so much

You make it easier when life gets hard as your absence makes it worse when things go bad

I wish I could just bring you here to me because you are so sorely missed by me that I can't get over your absence

Your unavailability to me is the availability of my loneliness and heartache

Being without you is the obverse of being with you, it's plain as being at my saddest points in life

You are too me so much more than you know that is why your absence to me is as death

The ways I miss you is to much to express that it most times cause me to despair if you miss me too because should you miss me as I do you, you'll be here right now

I miss you so much and how so is just how it is to miss warmth after days of cold

I miss you just too much ofttimes methinks life without you is not worth living

Being without you is like a car without it's engine, I can't move

You bring out the world in me I makes me feel life and me without all that equals death

I don't know much but I know you are my lifestyle, my every to-do-list and without you my day is incomplete

Like a child misses his mother's warmth so do I miss your every embrace

I miss waking up beside you, it's the most beautiful thing ever do much more than gold

So much more than the curmurings to an empty stomach, my heart misses you

I miss especially when I count on you on all of my joy and as now you are absent

How much I miss you is too much than I can ever begin to write because saying it makes me cry the more 

I miss you for the very reason why the birds misses the happy twigs by winter and can't wait for Spring

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