Saturday, 15 July 2017

21 Missing You Quotes

Missing someone can sometime be the hardest thing to face and you would let that person know you miss them so much. 
Well, tell them

Missing You Quotes

Without the light of your love, there is but dark forms all around my heart

Missing every step of my bland existence, your presence in my life

Wish I could deferred the pain of missing you this much because I miss you so much

Missing you my love and with so great part of my heart that I quickly forget the love we ever shared

Missing you so much dearest love as though I'm stuck in the mud of loneliness

Missing you so much I'd need a Love superhero to save me from missing you

Should my heart be made of a powered battery for missing you I'd be running on a low Battery 

Missing you so much friend, my world is like a helpless lad soaked in the rain

Missing you even when I know I can't but patiently await you

When I looked into your eyes, it was like the night skies now it's all void space because I am missing you

Things were looking up with you by my side now it's all on the down side

All of my sanity I'll give to not have to be missing you as I am right now

They say two wrongs don't make a right and your leaving is such unbearable that I am missing you so much

The choices we make make or mar us and your decision you make that makes missing you has more than mar me

Missing you is such hardship as having to hear you whisper but never hear see you

You give me purpose and missing you is like making me a purposeless lad

But you have broken my heart and can only prevent it's shattering by coming soon

Missing you as though tomorrow won't show

I'm just without you like a lost boy from a deserted island

I just want to wish twas a dream to fade as as soon as I wake but the sad reality is I miss you so much

I miss you my strength, my voice, my wings and without you, I'm but weak, without a voice and sunk to the abysm of loneliness

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