Saturday, 15 July 2017

21 Quotes About Missing Someone You Love

Someone you love is gone and be it temporarily or whatever way, just tell them now tut miss them with this well thought out list

Quotes About Missing Someone You Love

I miss you and the worse thing is I keep wishing I stole one more kiss from you and just maybe that will do till I see your again

I miss you so much dear bro, I hope you make us all proud in diaspora because I know I'm going to miss your and it better be for a worthwhile issue

Miss you even now that you are with me my lovely cousin, I pray that soon we'll have such innocent days as this again. 
Take care

Missing you my son and I'm contented at heart to know you are making waves where you are

I'm so missing your every presence, scent and the substance of your beautiful face. 
Miss you so much my love 

I am so missing you and I could swear I would swap all of this sight before me for one gaze at your again

Love you dear sis and I'm going to really miss you as you go to realize your dreams in school

Missing you dear Mama and I know you would be proud from heaven seeing how things have turned out

With your smile, I can swear there's only Ares and Discordia in my heart

I am so missing you so much my eyes will rain and my sky will tear should I not see you soon 

I can swear your absence is to me like a gallow prepared for me

I don't know the impression you left the first instance we met but even that once I already miss you now

Missing you my love and I hope to be brought to the ecstasy after this pain of missing you as much as I do now

It seems like a movie with happy ending when I should see you soon my love after this moment of desperation and pain in missing you

I miss you my son, daddy comes home soon and with a souvenir

Miss you my darling husband and I could swear that I never felt more bled of strength than when I miss you

I miss you as though, my dearest cousin, the season should pass to lovely vacation again

I'm missing our many jovial times together bestie, wish we had more than the moment we were opportune to have

Missing you more my dearest mum and on this day I'd rather place a kiss on your cheek than a thousand words to tell you how much I love you

You are to me a mentor, teacher and friend, thank your dad and I truly miss you at much. 
Please come back soon

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