Tuesday, 11 July 2017

21 Quotes About Missing You

Are you missing someone, quotes cannot come handier than this

Quotes About Missing You

One thing is more certain than the theories of evolution or than any truth the whole world have ever known and it's that I miss you and I don't know how to stop doing that

I miss you so much and saying that's hurts me because I'd rather to kiss you so much

I miss the snuggle of your arms, the snogging from your lips and the beauty of your touch. 
I miss you so much

I can't help but feel that life is a dull continuum without you in it

When you miss someone it's funny how the self same world that seems asked brightsome before just seems do cloudy

I miss you so much baby like a drunkard misses ale after a long break

It kills me to have to know that each time I wake it'll have to be without you

I only wish it's a dream and in the brightsome morning, I'll see you again but now you are gone by I can't help but despair all day long

I can't help but think life means death without you

The sum of all my days missing you if this that I miss you even more than anything including my sanity combine

I love miss you like as though the end of the world is nigh and I just must see you before passing out into flames

I miss you so much, twould seem life is purposeless and meaningless without you

I can't even fathom the depth of the feelings in missing you but I know it's like the height of heaven to the sea bed

I mean you like crazy and damning inside is just one of the side effects you caused

It missing you is the new genius then I must be the brainiest there is

I miss you so and God knows I'll happily trade that for a kiss

I cannot help but bring myself to the reality that I can never be happy till you return to bring back my joy

It's can't stomach to be able to live this life of penance so long as you are not in it

I know it'll probably not be the same without you but I just want to know that at least I have someone as you to miss

It bothers me so much that as much as I try, you are what make my life wholesome even the bland hours of missing you alone

I miss you so much it would seem you are the air I breathe and without you is without the air 

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