Saturday, 15 July 2017

21 When You Miss Someone Quotes

How comparable is it for you when you miss someone. 
Well, this might just help you express that

When You Miss Someone Quotes

When I am missing you it is as good as a day without a sun

When I miss your loving arms around mine, heaven knows there's nothing comparable to that

I can't stomach the hurt it bears in my soul when I get to miss you as much as I always do

I miss you do much love life is like nothing alive when I get to miss your so the time

When I miss you, it bears such huge theft to my soul stealing all the happiness in my life

I miss you my love and when I am missing you I can think of nothing that is worth something without you in my world

You make me like a widow even before your death when I miss you mourning your absence all day long

Making myself artificial night by day and by night, to dream dreams of you is how I spend my hours without you

Missing you is as when a sailor misses sea after a long hiatus from the waters

I miss you so much my lover that when I breathe, the absence of smell of you makes the very air stale 

I miss you alas, and saying it doesn't help missing you less but I still miss you so much even when you are to go for an hour a day

When you end up leaving like this it is as though mount Vesuvius had poured it's fury upon my heart

They say the heart is buried in the chest but I doubt that these days because since you've been gone, it's as though it would make to escape from its prison because it beats so loud in anticipation when you shall return

I'm so crazy in despair when I miss you please baby find some way to jilt this trip and run back to my arm

I cannot help but feel that life's punishment is thrown at me when you leave my side and I get to miss you

I suck at saying Goodbye because when ever I miss you, I'll just prefer to sulk to no one and any one at all since I have not you too lay my blame

I miss the days we stood for each other and promised eternity now you when you leave, I find myself thinking the possibility of living with your absence 

When I miss you, I spend my days wondering how life would be when you are gone

The unfortunate days that I spend missing you are just as comparable to when darkness should overshadows my whole earth 

I don't know much about life but I know missing you like this is something I never want to do again

When I miss you, I try to think of a way not to in the meander of my mind but come to a fail each and every time

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