Friday, 28 July 2017

21 You'll Miss Me Quotes

And you should be gone but you will want to let her know you will be missed.

*You'll Miss Me Quotes*

You'll be miserable without me and that I promise you dearest ex even though you lie you have moved on

Goodbye my lover, I hope we will be soon able to see again but now I miss you and I'm more sure you miss me too

I may be just talk when I miss you I'm all pain

Missing you like though I wish to just conjure you up here right now

I miss you and even when I hate you for making me this weak by missing you, you are still my cure

If truly without pain there'd be no gain then I understand why missing you now is necessary

I cannot but wish you return soon my love because without you life is nothing but strife

I can't believe even that someone could have so much power over another as you do over me especially as now missing you

If something as beautiful as a rose has thorns then I understand why I should feel this hurt even though I have you and in your absence

Missing you never gets easier but with each passing day seem like hell 

If the sun is impossible to shine at night try not missing you for when day when you are gone

You tug at my heartstrings with your presence but by your absence, I feel a fallow land

If your presence is my gain, your absence is my pain

I never taught life would ever be this unfair but being without you makes me understand why life is not all cloud nine

Missing you my dear miss and too much that I taught I had the strength to cope 

I miss you my love, please return back to this arm that wants more than anything to hold you in its embrace again

You are too me the only thing I miss more than money in my penury

I live and miss you at the time and if only you would return my missing you by coming home soon 

Lest there's no substance left in my dead heart, come back soon my love, I miss you

I miss you just too much than I miss life itself

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