Saturday, 15 July 2017

21 You're gonna miss me quotes

Parting is such sorrow that the hole that person will leave might just never be healed. 
Well, tell them how much you think they'll miss you

You're gonna miss me quotes

Leaving me was the one thing I know I'd regret for not being able to see you by my side but I know you are going to miss me too. 
Goodbye love

I know you'll miss me as I do but we have past the threshold to revive the love we once had. 
Bye my love

I, more than anyone of us am more pained that you could jilt me as you did but I promise you that all of the sweet memories we shared shall haunt you to miss them and me so much

I would lie dear ex that I will as quickly forget you as you feign in your lies to have done to me because I knew all of the beautiful shared memories, the happiest times and joy will forever remain our beautiful history and I miss them as I know you do too

I wish a view of the looking glass would fortune happiness to our vague future but I miss you and I know you do too but alas, we should just go our separate ways

Wish we'll always be besties forever but I know you'll miss me but we've always prepared for when the going's rough and it never was more rough

Goodbyes are a bitch because missing you is so much hard than I thought, I will miss you more than the breath I breathe and I know you'll do me too but goodbye

And I should not see your for a while not only will you miss me but I will even miss you more, goodbye friend 

I know you feel you've forgotten me and your new man is everything I was not but I promise you that you'll miss me still because despite of your shortcomings I miss you so much

I wish I could freeze us in this moment forever and you won't have to miss me and I, you, but its expedient I go, goodbye love

Adieu love, I know you'll miss me but it's time we part

Goodbye mum and dad, I know you'll miss me as I leave to fulfill my long held dreams but try to not miss me too much. 
Love you

Love like ours will last forever at least than the dreams at night that is vague before the morning and that is how I know dear ex that you'll miss me so much

I mistook my importance in your life and never knew you'll seek my absence from you but what I am positive about is that you'll miss me still and the memories we made especially

I miss you and I could hardly be coherent in my head from missing you but I'm certain I'm not alone in this pain because I know you miss me and will miss me more even

Such way we parted may have been to quick to believe but I miss you but the days of sweet yore we had will never quickly evanesce and I know you'll miss them so much

I must say I'm absolved and with a conscience that will be rife with true love will I hoard concerning us but I know you'll be eaten with guilt for betraying this true love we had and that you'll miss me as I miss you. 
Goodbye love

Goodbye my dearest love although awestruck we should be apart alas but I know you'll be desperately missing you than your pride will let you show but then I'll be gone. 

A part of me knows we probably could have worked made the perfect couple but goodbye dear I know you'll miss me too

It's been hell really living like a guest in your own home without the love we once shared, goodbye love, it's time we part. 
I know you'll miss me too

Our memories to my heart will be forever young and I know you'll miss me like I am missing you right now

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