Saturday, 1 July 2017

22 Congratulation Messages For Job Promotion To Colleague

Promotion is how one measures growth in an employee-employer situation and what better way can you congratulate that special someone for just getting his. 

Congratulation Messages For Job Promotion To Colleague

Congratulation my dearest friend and colleague, I must say you are just never short of favour always, as it is evident now, I wish you the best.

I see you just keep spinning on the transit of success to your destination without pot holes. 
What a smooth ride to your dream, my friend. 
Congratulation in achieving this promotion

Congratulation my friend, now you are a boss, I hope this doesn't sour our relationship because I'll hate it to. 
Congratulation once more dear friend on this big feat and I pray that you reach even farther than this. 

On the ladder to the top, I see your are now one rung higher, my colleague, but I must say I am happy for you and this is a big deal indeed. 

Your hard work will always speak for you my friend and its one reason I'll always respect you for because you know what your want and you'd fix it all to attain just that. 
Congratulation on your promotion and wish you all the best

It's so unbelievably fast in two month, two promotion, if I had not known better I'd say you have done used underhanded means but knowing you I'm not sure anyone deserves it more. 
Congratulation dear friend

I'm happy for you how you have risen as high as this in so little a time and well in fact. 
Congratulation as you keep progressing still

Congratulation my dear friend, I hope to see you blossom at the top and keep up the good work. 

I hope to see you at the top my friend, because there is always space enough but now I say congratulation on your promotion. 

I always knew with your burgeoning talent and determination, it was only going to be so few a time till you will get that promotion, I'm really happy for you dear, enjoy

I guess its Sir from now on because you got the vied position before me but no beef my friend it's all good. 
Congratulation on being chosen

Congratulation, the rate of your exponential promotion is already spelling you yourself would become my boss soon, anyways just want to acknowledge you on this lovely and well sought after promotion, I'm happy you got it at last. 

Congratulation on beating all odds my friend and attaining what I once saw as impossible for yourself.
You really have proved there is no holding you back. 
God speed 

To a colleague who inspires me to be the best I can be because according to him 'your best is all you need tobe the best',
Congratulation on being the best of us and truly, I am happy for you. 
Wish you good luck

Congratulation on rising through the echelon of despair to a position of worth, my dear colleague and friend, I am happy for you. 
Wish you all the best

Congratulation on making the best of your opportunity count and winning this promotion. 
I wish you all the best you can think of.

Congratulation and from a sincere part of my heart even though I wish this same position for myself.
I wish you all the best. 

I pray you never halt on your journey to the top, congratulation on your promotion, dear colleague

To my very good colleague and hard worker, it is no small leap this one you have taken but I know it'll not be the last. 
Congratulation on your promotion

It never came as a surprise when I heard the surprise because I knew time was only the factor that separated you from this dream before, I congratulate you on your way up with this promotion dear. 

Luck is when opportunity meets preparation and you my friend, there is no man I ever saw that is as committed and prepared as you so better luck I wish you for more.

Congratulation my friend, although I want you to not be oblivious of the hard work and more stress that comes with a promotion. 
Congratulation all the same

My dear colleague, I just want to say congratulation on your promotion but must also warn that with promotion comes more sacrifice so choose your sacrifices well.
Wish you ask the best

To your promotion, Congratulation and to add, I pray you don't struggle with this because it is common to first get unfamiliar with new terrains and deals that will come and try to use old formulas and not adjusting to the new demands but I know you'll surely prove yourself up to the task. 
Congratulation once again. 

Congratulation on becoming a head of department now, I must say you moved as us all, your colleagues with storm but we all congratulate you. 
More speed my friend

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