Saturday, 15 July 2017

22 I missed you quotes

Well, that loved one regardless, you just want them to know you missed them when they were gone. 
Well, here's help to do just that. 

*i missed you quotes*

I cannot lie that I missed you so much, I'm so happy to never again have to go through that ordeal again

Missed you do much I cried my dream could not be my realty when it was only there I could see you when you were gone. 

If chance would conspire with faith to give me you again, I promise I'll treat you better just that I may never again have to miss you like I did

I missed you do much my dear that I even mistook reality for dreams when I delve in my sleep just so I could see you

I missed all about you dear,
Your warmth
Your smile 
Your welcome

It's just now I can say I start living again because I missed you so much

You being here with me now and in contrast to how I was without you makes me move than understand why I missed you that much but also understand why heaven is preferred to hell

I missed you and it's not hyped because you biding by me now is the reason why I couldn't have not miss you as I did

I missed you and by God, I'm my happiest to have to put all of that in the past

I missed you my darling husband like a parched man misses the sating drops of water

I missed you so much that my heart palate was so wanting of you, it sped no more but pain all day long wishing to see your again and now I know what it is like to be lost without you

Your are where I belong she if ever you leave me again, I lose my identity

I missed you but I don't care what it'll cost from hereon wherever you go, I go

If missing you was a currency, I'll be there world's richest man because how much I missed you so much and now us rather be poor just so I wouldn't miss you again

Like being stuck in sturdy sands in the desert so am I stuck in my loneliness because I missed you.
Thank you for coming back to me my love

For all the months of ordeal in missing you, we must make it up as you return now because I missed you

So long as you are here with me now, all is forgotten in that I missed you so much but now that you are here, I have all the chance too make up for it

Now more than ever I only want heaven and no more hell especially when I went through it when you left

Your love is like a kiss to a blossoming flower and when I missed you I felt like being bruised in my kiss to that same flower. 
Thanks for coming back baby

I missed you so much my love and now more than ever that I have known what it is to miss you, I don't ever want to miss you again

I missed you my friend more than a hungry man misses the sweet scenting of a well cooked meal

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