Friday, 28 July 2017

22 Miss You Baby Quotes

Missing your special lover, you should tell her about the love you hoard. 
Well then you should tell her so

*Miss You Baby Quotes*

Missing you dearest love so much my baby the summer seems even cold without you

When I am without you, my life is like a favorite movie but watched to many times, predictable 

I miss you and even when you are near but not beside you I miss you still.
So missing you is only possible when you are not 18 inch closer to me

You add a spark to my life that will always return to darkness without you baby

You make all of my dreams than what reality will ever give

Without you my lover and life, the flowers refuse to give their scent

The security of your arms is more assuring than a thousand sentinel and without you I'm insecure

You and me one without the order is the worst thing tonight ever happen to our relationship baby please come home soon

Miss you so much my baby your smile, being without it is a penance

I can't help but think losing you will nothing worse ever best

The vibe from losing you makes me feel as though a lonely soul

Missing you makes me feel like a single fish in a large pond at this big big world

Miss you baby girl so much I feel a 

You make life so much harder than life ever brings it's own problems

Without you is everything worse worst

I want more than anything the medicine of your pretty presence again

Your absence to me is nothing short of death

If there is an Apocalypse I have seen it before time by missing you as I do now

I miss you baby and even if I do this to secure our future it still doesn't fell right ever leaving without seeing you

Like a wife whose husband goes to sea so am I pained that I should not see you for a while and looking to nothing and everything till you return

The sickness in the ways I miss you is ironic in that you still are the cure

I miss you like crazy that a thousand words will not cheer nor sheer my heart otherwise

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