Tuesday, 11 July 2017

22 Miss You Like Crazy Quotes

Missing someone that it would seem you cannot be sane without them. 
Well, tell them now with this availing list

Miss You Like Crazy Quotes

Missing you so much my love, with such profundity as like a mountaineer wishes to see the peak 

I miss you dearest love that it makes me crazy to be alone an hour without you

It is no small fate I suffer the consequences of your absence but this is beyond that I can take 

The penance of having to miss you is my sanity because I've lost it all without you

Miss you like crazy love because without you the stars can boast their glowing presence

Without your love, it's a surety the sun forgets to give it's shine

Call me crazy but 5 eras of winter with you is better than a summer without you

Love is so childish yet I fall so crazy when I miss how childish you make me feel when in with you

Miss you so dearly my dear and I don't know about you but I suffer your absence like a mad man shunned from ask of reality because I can't bear to see the world without you on it

I miss your do much my dame and I can swear life has no meaning if it has not you

I don't know if I have gone bananas but I could swear I see you everyday in every face my eyes chance

If only I can conjure you too my arms, I would and within a split second. 
That's the crazy thought that keeps crossing my brain

You've stolen me and I want me back because all of my sanity since the day you left was gone

Such incoherence in my brain since I've been missing you has stolen all of the joy I ever shared with your, come back soon love

I could swap anything else in the world now just for a gaze into your soft eyes lest I go bonkers missing you

If missing you is the new heaven, then I'd rather hell

I miss you so much dear and I can't deny that you make me feel like I've gone out of my mind running through the motions of life missing you

I miss you love and I don't know if it's just me but without you, it's as though I have lost all of my minds space for normalcy

You make me feel so helpless missing you and I keep asking myself how someone could possess such power as to dictate how my day and night would be

Loving you is the one thing that can make me call night day as though I'm delusional no wonder ask of my days seems like night without you

I miss you love, I can't help but go crazy missing you please come back to me love

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