Friday, 28 July 2017

24 I Miss You Picture Quotes

Send to them your words envisioned that loved one how you made miss him or her

*I Miss You Picture Quotes*

Miss you for my eye but never once was your picture forgotten from my mind

Miss you too much than my might can take as though you hold all my heart and life

Missing you redefines what hardness is

Missing you is like going through hell and awaiting heaven at the end when you return 

I wish there's something to allay missing you but missing you is harder than the word 'hard' itself, it's devastating 

I hate growing day upon days without you but with you I'm welcome anytime the sun

The sun is not the sun without you

My hope is always that I should not live after you are gone because this sorrow from missing you presage worse to that 

I miss you and I am happy that at least I have an angel to miss knowing you'll come back soon 

O! life's a bitch and the biggest proof is you leaving 

I miss you so much that missing you seems the only thing I do best this days

How much I miss you is how much it is to count the waters in the sea 

I miss everything about you down to your honeyed kisses please come back soon my love and Miss 

I miss you and I hope you miss me this much because if so we should see soon 

I miss you like a hopeless beggar misses to eat

I miss the beauty in your unique touches 

I fantasize about you day and night but it's not like your presence because I just need the real you so much 

I hope I miss you less each day but to see without fail that I end up missing you more every time 

I miss you too much more than the count of sands in the desert 

I miss you my love like the dark cloud misses the sun

I miss you so much more than a corpulent eater misses food 

I miss you hopelessly like though I would fall away to death should you tarry as second more 

I miss you so much more than a head laden with migraine misses all form of normalcy

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