Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Congratulation Messages For New Parents

To a new parent who have been blessed with the presence of a child of here's just how to congratulate them properly. 

Congratulation Messages For New Parents

To my friends on being a new parent, I must confess that it's not all easy a job to be one but I trust you guys will be s happy one.

With the array of flooding emotion, my friends ,I pray you realize how beautiful the gift of a child is and I pray you are granted the strength for the growth of this child. 
Congratulation my dear

If anything God ever blessed a woman with is although the pains, the privilege to be able to bring life. 
I congratulate you my dear sister and I pray you be the best Mom ever.

What could be more precious than a new born child with that sparkle that makes the stars seems very dull. 
This is indeed a precious gift.

I wish you bountiful and happy decades to be able to watch this child grow into a happy young woman. 

There are some joy you cannot help but let out in pure bliss and ecstasy and I am welled in happiness for you my uncle and your lovely wife in your new lucky child.

I know what having a child means to the both of you and in that I also know you'll realize it's just the best gift God ever gave man
Congratulation in being a parent dear

Congratulations on the new baby!We remember what it was like to hold you in our arms as an infant.

Now, that your petition in clamor to be a a mom been signed and granted by God, I am happy for you but in my happiness is also prayer that you help this child grow into the full stature of being the best thing to ever happen to this world and in fulfilling his dreams.

Congrats on your new baby my dear but also know this is of its own a job because raising a child is never easy. 
Love you

Congratulations and be happy God has chosen you two the sacred privilege of a parent!
May this just be the beginning.

Nothing beats that magical feeling of a mother after putting to bed amidst the toils and pain.
Congrats on the new addition to the family.

There is nothing as beautiful as watching the face of a little baby light up after birth and the beauty in it in the mother's eye is especially beautiful. 
I pray that the novelty of this child's coming will be something to last his lifetime. 

I am so happy my children for giving me, a cause to be jubilant in my old age again. 
Thank you for making me the happiest grandfather alive and congratulation 

The timing of your baby's birth leaves a sweet taste in my life and I'm grateful to God for this gift. 
Congratulation my friends

I am most definitely happy to set first sight on your dainty little bundle of joy today my friend, I am so happy for you and your wife 

I must say I am marvelled by your family and this baby's coming will only strengthen the beautiful home you have already built. 

I cannot wait to see the every facet of the growth of your children, their joy, challenges and achievements even disappointment and overcoming. 
I wish them and you all the best dear.

This baby I pray will be center of your attention not in the bad but good way to 
And I also pray for strength to you guys to train him well properly 
Congratulations dear

This child coming is a proof that dreams come true. Congratulations on the most beautiful dream come true ever.

To think we ourselves were but high school students and now you both have welcomed your own child.
I am so proud of you guys my friends.


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