Monday, 3 July 2017

Quotes When You Miss Someone

When tiff miss someone so much tut have to let them know that, well, this is just the list to help in that 

Quotes When You Miss Someone

·       I miss you so much my love with every morsel of my heart and cannot wait to feel the enclose of your arms around mine. 

·       Anticipating the time where I forget today all for the sirens of your beautiful smile again, sated in the joy of lying next to you again but now wish you all the best there dear

·       I miss to so bad my love, it's been hard trying to go these days without you please come back home baby

·       I miss you mum, having you with us was something we grew accustomed to but without you with us, everything hasn't been as it was

·       If only time would gift us a chance again, I'd do things differently but I admit my faults in letting you go but I also miss you still. 

·       I miss your kisses, your face, your bliss, your touches and all that matters to you because they bring me joy, I miss you so much love

·       I really miss being with your my dear son, I know you are now a family man and I'm a proud mother at that but I wish you'd spend more time with us too

·       I miss you my love, I really wished everything had turn well but alas things you are gone. 
·       Missing you so much dear 

·       I miss you so much my dear and I would do anything if I could have you again. 
·       Missing everything about you now love

·       My mind is riddled with the thoughts of seeing your each day and it feels as thou life has no meaning without you. 
·       Please come back home dear

·       I really miss everything about you and the smile she color your give to my world. 
·       Please come back home soon love 

·       The voices are so deafening and I just want you to come over and make this absence a forgotten penance because I miss you so much my dear. 

·       I miss you coz, I can't wait for the holidays to come visiting again, expect me soon

·       I miss your big sister, now that your are in school everything has changed at home and I can't wait to see you in school too.
·       Take care of you

·       I cannot maim this feeling of worthlessness that comes with missing you because you are a part of me that makes me complete.
·       Missing you so much dear

·       I miss you my love with every morsel of my soul and the thought of you is killing me especially since I can't have you to me.

·       My love, with all the love in my heart, I bleed in love each day you tarry from me, please come  home soon lest I have no strength again by your absence

·       I really miss you so much my love and I know it's behoved, this travel of mine but each time at work here, I think of hot and damn knowing you are far away from me

·       I want so much to be with you every second of the day because I miss you so much with every part of my heart space

·       I really miss you brother and you gone for that amounts of time has left me to be the only one mum and dad can barrack all day.
·       LOL

·       I miss you so much my dear friend, it's not really been the same environment without you in it

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