Tuesday, 29 August 2017

20 Sweet Texts To Send Your Boyfriend

Sweetly tell that lover of yours you adore him and make him feel you love him too. 

*Sweet Texts To Send Your Boyfriend*

To everyone else you may be just one person but beside you for me there's no one else

You are my therapy just a gaze into your soft eyes

You foreshadow a future beautiful together and I must confess I never felt safer with anyone else

I love the way you make me feel of myself

You are always on my mind like a tattoo made permanently on someone

In my heart was a hole which was made whole the day I fell for you. 
I love you so much my dear

By behest of Cupid, the day I saw you I felt a sting on my chest and that's when I knew I love you

You are what I call my oases in the presence of drought

In the burdened cloud in my life, your are my silver lining that gives me hope

I always dreamt to be somebody to somebody and then you loved me and I've never been happier

You make my heart ecstatic in much muchness too much to contain 

There can be no better heaven than when I wake to see you lying beside me so beautifully when I wake

The voice in my head tells me nothing last forever but you make me feel like with you I could be forever happy

If I could fall into your sky, I know you will even in your clouds catch me because I trust in the love you have for me

I will walk a thousand mile to see you, I'll make a thousand lie just to talk to you and I'll make for the deepest pit just to feel you again because I love you so much

Holding me I'm your arms where we share our daily lives and smile is the most beautiful thing I've ever know I'll exchange that for me nothing else

You are more beautiful as that sound of rainfall that makes on the rooftop on a cold Sunday

You are the summary of a perfect story of my life how the best is saved for the last

You make me my happiest I have never been

You cross the dots in my life and piece the puzzles I ever wished was gone and I can't love you more for that

22 Girlfriend In The Morning

Be the first to brighten up your lover's eyes as she wakes 

*Girlfriend In The Morning*

Hello sugar pie, wake up to the halo of the sun.
How was your night? 

Your eyes they regale me in sweet dreams of a time yet to come so happy and I know with you I will forever be happy and glowing as the sun

You are my eternal sunshine and rainbows in my darkness

It was such pride to have been with you all yesterday soothing my soul and hope you woke well today because I sure did and happily at that

You know you make me feel so good with myself that each day I look forward to the sun for better days

Before I met you it was once a good day amongst many but since you it feels like an eternal dawn

As the day lays it's night when it is morning for the sun to show, so do you do me each morning and I am most happy when I am with you

Like clouds in the morning are fake friends giving me more burden because in the night they go but you, staying beside me are like my rainbow, you ease my woes

Good morning my love, I missed you yester night as a child misses Christmas when it is December 26

You bring clarity to my soul shedding my life of all my ills and I'm so happy to have found you my cloudless sky 

As the earth renews it's rotation each day so my love for you refills each morning.
Good morning my love

If only the sun knew he'll hide it's ruddy head for you because you shine brighter him but Good morning my love, how are you? 

As the sun bids morning in royalty each day and I wake I think of you and I hope you do me too 

Morning love, I woke up revisiting our beautiful moment yesterday and I must say I loved it. 

Can't say much of you my love but looking at the sun I just thought of you and couldn't help the comparison with you how you brighten my day 

Honey, Good morning, like the morning dew I feel as light today after the long beautiful outing yesterday. 

Last night I couldn't sleep last because of thoughts of you and now this morning the same, I miss you my love. 

You saying yes to me makes me happy that soon all morning I'll have to wake up with an angel beside but now nonetheless, Good morning

I'm happy for us and how far we come because as the sun each morning even when he's down at night he shines again in the morning 

Morning love, you as the sun are my light after the end of my tunnel

You are the reason why I am happy to see the sun

My past is the night and you my day was and as inevitable no matter the night I know you'll definitely return

21 Love For Him

I Love You works like Magic  wand, make it an habit to tell him so to sparkle your relationship.

*Love For Him*

My love for you my love is not by rote but by every fiber in my soul and mind

God didn't create us all equal because you are a proof of it, the pride of my eye

Your love is the sustenance of my sanity and I'll love you forever too to requite your love for mine

You and I, I always knew was more than mere relationship because I know I was destined for you as you for me in truest of love

Your touch is priceless even in comparison to the touch of an angel, you make me feel secured I'm love and I love you so much

Like a wrecking ball you knocked my uncertainties of life and make it all right

Being with you I understand what a paradise is because you are my Eden

When I wake up you are the first to browse my mind as you never left being the last to leave at night. 

You fuel my mind with your image and like a TV screen I don't mind seeing you all day

God knew exactly what he planned for me that's why he led you to Mr because you are all perfection

You are my constellation, when I look to the skies, the stars aligns to form you

You mar my problems making me a believer in you, a believer in love and I have never been happier

If you are my addiction then I don't want to eat safe from you

Being with you reminds me of the kind of happiness I once felt, once when I was a child and all I did was being happy

Being with you is like celebrating my birthday everyday. 
It's the purest form of ecstasy

You bury my fears and help reveal my joyous self and I could never love you any less

You teach me to fall and give myself completely to love like a teacher schools a student and I couldn't be better since then

Like a Rose, you make me although my thorns be the beauty of the gardens and in constancy I promise myself to you forever

No matter our flaws, you and I both, I'll love you still because together we are better as one and I love you so much

You are the reason I am happy because you hold my hours in your eyes

20 Your Girlfriend In A Text

Text messages to your girlfriend are not to be taken with levity and makes sure they are composed well.
Well, you just found the perfect choice here. 

*Your Girlfriend In A Text*

Hello my love, I know we just talked a while back but after I dropped the phone I started thinking of you and decided to say hi. 

Probably in my next life if there is, I may love but in this life it's impossible after you

The thought of you alone is of more worth to me than the face of any could-be lover and it's how I know I can never love another

It is a crime what you do to me, holding the likelihood of my days with you because my joy depends on God and you alone

The only thing better than anything is YOUR LOVE

Your love to me is priceless like the worth of food to a starving man

Many a reason I love you with fiery pass yet not one reason I have known could make me fall in hate for you

You are the best thing to have entered the pages of my life because everyone since life has never been better

When people ask of my day I say, Good, but they never know that you are the every reason my day can be good

The day my eyes was set on you, it registered to my heart, your face and it said to my soul, that's the One

You are the light of my life and so long as by heaven all is well with me, nothing on earth can cause any earth to you

For you I'll be anything, your soldier, lover, masseur and your coach because at first I consider myself the luckiest on earth to have you

The day I ever stop loving you just know I probably was fed with potions because my love for you will never wane

If by some prophecy it's seen that my love for you shall change as the weather, I know beyond doubt that if the future unseen I'll love you as I do with a might beyond the eyes sees

Like earth is far too the heavens is how far a height my love is for you, imaginable

Being with you is the one best thing I will forever be proud of because you are the answer to my dreams

You are to me what the seas means to a sailor, I cannot do too long without you

Each day without you is like a cask without wine, I'll be useless

I love you more than what you are but for what I'm when I'm around you

You are my answer to the prayers I never knew to even pray because you are everything to me

19 Romantic Text

Romance in a relationship is as wondrous like Magic. 
Now send a romantic text let that lady/man lover of yours know you prize them high in your life.

*Romantic Text* 

Your love to me unlike Christmas is a daily ecstasy and it's why I love you more

I would the Time were always still each time I am with you because with you I could relive our everyday together

Being your lover I don't mind if all day to tend to you because your love makes me happy always

Every inch of you is like a sweet reverie only seen in dreams

Like a toy soldier, I couldn't help but fall the day the whirlwind of your love struck me

The things loving you do to me, it's as astounding as the Midas's touch

Being with you I never felt more fulfilled I had lived a better life

The love of you in me is like the effect of a strongly built house because it's unshakable

If my heart was a sickness, then you are my doctor because you came and took away my plight in love

Loving another aside you is like building a sand-made house, it cannot be as loving you

Like rainfall upon a droughty land, you are twice important to me and there's no replacing you for me

I love you ten times the strength of the love I love another

You are to me what no one else can replace because you are in my heart one of your kind

You give me such sweet love like my life has been drenched in all sweetness

You make me understand the beauty of falling in love and I thank you everyday for that

If life never gave me you I always ponder the misfortune I would have had because loving you has been my greatest delight

You make the Sun in my world shine eternally that even when it is night, I see day and the beauties of the morning

You came to my rescue when lovelorn I existed in this earth but you came and taught me how to live and love

With all passion and ecstasy, I love you especially so beautifully that there's no "how" or "why" to describe

The words of love in my heart for you is as true as gravity brings all things up, down

21 Text My Man

Maybe a spur or a jolt or perhaps thought out, let your lover know you are thinking of him now

*Text My Man*

Hi love, just lying and thinking of you now makes me replete with beautiful images as rainbows in my eyes, can't wait to see you

My love, right now my heart is calling out with a song and the verses spells your name because I just want to be next to you

Dearest love, being bored here I really wish the calm that bears down on me through your sight. 

My love, my blessing from above and my Fortune Mister, how has been your day?

Hello my love, can you tell me what you are doing? 
I imagine you thinking about when we shall next meet because that's what I'm doing too

The light in the globe in your eyes means the world to me, my love

I can lie next to you until eternity comes because being with is where I always yearn to be

You make me feel life more intense than it is because of the fiery passions you set in me

Your love is my delight that nothing can quench in my heart

The day I met, my mind cursed my eyes for not meeting you earlier because instantly you cured my soul

You are the everything that I looked for so long but never saw, you are my dream come true

You loving me is the definition of a fairy tale come true

If to lay my love on you is all I'll do, I don't mind doing so as long as I live

You are the reason my life is with such brightness as it has today

You make my life all easy when life seems hard

With you, I don't need dandelions or shooting stars because you are my dream come true

With you time seems as though the gait of a horse and without you time is as though like a snail

You ease my heart as smoothly as a well oiled machine

To the one with whom I want to share my entire life with and without whom I don't want to see tomorrow. 
I miss YOU, my love

You have done much healing to my soul my love than you'll ever know. 
Miss you my dear

20 Message To Love

Don't let awkward be your shared moments of love, make spicy your love

*Message To Love*

My love for you even to the ages can never be worn out

Fancy growing old with you and always in love, it's how I feel each and every other day I can't hope more for a better future

Like an owl, my eyes grew wide in doubt the day I saw you and. Y soul said to me, that's the One

You do to me what a mother do to a child.

With you I can dream, without you I can dream but that's what makes the difference between sweet dreams and nightmares

You are my tomorrow and forever in today

Like as though there never was a moment I was thought life not worthwhile, you came and I forgot I ever had a scary past

You are my guardian angel in the head of a woman and lover and I couldn't love you more for that

Like at pillow rests my head, you ease my heart into sheer happiness softened and joyfully

My heart was a deserted throne then you came and ascended to the throne. 
Thank you, queen of my heart

Loving you is all of my greatest gift the heavens have graced me with

With incomparable glee, I found love in you and nothing can ever take that from me 

These past few weeks with you has rewritten years of pain from my bland existence

You're so much more than to me than the worth of a thousand persons, you are incomparable

Nothing foretold my heart of you but I knew you the moment I saw you, I knew my heart had found The One

The brunt of the whole constellation combined have nothing on you because to me you are brighter than all of the stars

My heart was glued to you most sated in your thoughts that I am no more me without you

The day I ever deny loving you, know it is not me but someone playing as me because my love for your, I'll never deny

With you even my nightmare are of the sweetest kinds

You give me such flurry of sweet emotions I'll never compare with anything else

20 Sweet Message To Your Girlfriend

To a girlfriend, sweet reasons you love her, make her feel how special you feel for her too

*Sweet Message To Your Girlfriend*

My curse is you my love, I love you so much that even a Sin if you are shall not keep me from you

You besmirch with love my soul that had chosen not to love again ever since I found you

You are too good to be true yet you are and I never doubted my eyes more than this

You bring me such happiness beyond I ever deserves to feel

You make me feel like there's nothing wrong with falling because you made me fell for you

Helplessly I am when I'm with you because you make me as though without a will of my own

I bless my every course I took that brought me to you that day.

You are the reason why I love and now adore the thought of growing old with someone

You ease my mind and soul as though you are a therapist but of love

You make me happy like the twigs and boughs when it's Summer

You are the one I want to have all my day and I there's nothing I ever wanted more

They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing all over whilst expecting a different result but with you I never want a different result and I can't be happier to love you over and over again

You are my greatest delight and my every reason why

If you can decipher the beatings of my heart, you see they verses they sing are all just for you

You make me feel like without you is life not that they say it is and being with you I feel like life is more

You know I have never replayed a day more than the very one you said yes to me because that day I felt a jolt of light inside of me and I knew instantly this will ever be the best day of my life

You came and then took all my worries away and then they said Magic don't exist. 
To me that's plain Magic

You are like my favorite dream made into a perfected reality by some guardian angel but even if then I never want to wake up

You are like the wind in my sails without you I'm like on a state of doldrum

There's nothing wrong with with loving you but everything wrong with not loving you.
I love you so much my love

20 Cute Things To Say To Your Boyfriend Over Text

Many a cute messages that brightens a relationship like early sun.
Make them count here

*Cute Things To Say To Your Boyfriend Over Text*

It is because of you darling I now understand the beauties of life

All of those reasons why I know about love is cause of I feel for toy today

When I wake and beside the you lie sweetly each morning, it's feels like heaven on earth

Every time I look at you I can't help falling in love over and over again with you

I can’t help but smile when I'm with you because you are my every reason always to without which is nothing but sadness

You will be forever in my heart my love as though an indelible tattoo inked on my heart

Simply because I started loving you, I can't help but feel the stark difference you made in my heart from before

I feel it with you, what I've never felt with anyone else. 
A love unlike any other before

In this world of inconstancy, the weather, the seasons, the sun and the moon, you are the one constant reminder of Faithfulness in my life

My love for you is nothing as the weather, it shall remain forever

Seeing your face when I wake in the morning, the sun can't shine any better

All the hours of thinking of you makes me feel so happy I wished I had found you earlier

You are the touch of a deity in my life having you was my blessings

Mercy me! the day I saw you I knew my life couldn't be better

The very day I knew you was the one I understood the importance of love because you are my everything

But for you, my life would have been an empty place

What I am when I am with you is what I'll never trade for anything in my life

You are the world to me and so long I have you beside me, I have every Will to be joyful

As though my life was dipped into the vessels of Honey, you made my life so sweet ever since I fell for you

Loving you made my life like a smooth and loving perfection without friction

19 Love You Messages

Love you messages are like Magic, make it a habit to send to your lover

*Love You Messages*

When I look at you and catch you staring at me already, I feel like the heavens have come again

If you are my sin, then I don't want to be purged

Seeing you I understood what it meant being a soul mate

Together with you is what my idea of heaven is

You make my soul light in flame just by a haze into your soft eyes

The day I saw you I felt our heart beat as one. 

You are my perfect candidate for my future and I don't see another taking your place

You make my heart hippity huppity by one look into your eyes from where I draw my inspiration

I love you like nothing like the sun for my love would sear any foe that tries preventing us from being a pair

You only know how to do me right in ways no one else has ever accomplished because you hold a key to my soul

I can believe that even when it seems a lifetime you said those words to me, I love you like it's just yesterday

I fall in thrall with and over you everyday because you make in my soul what another cannot

I fall for you many times over even I know I have your love because your love is renews in my heart daily like a Phoenix

The yawn you make every morning holds more beauty than the mild puff of the morning wind

I love you and it's something I'll never tire of saying not so long as much as I breathe

I can't help but think I might just wake up one day and realize it was all a dream because you are my world and I'll damn if that ever happens

I ever heard of destiny but you made me understand it the day you loved me

Being jilted by someone I was pained and then you found me and I knew right away that I was chosen by dross while Gold waited by

You are everything this universe never deserve, innocent, beautiful, ethereal and sublime and I'm most happy being your lover

20 Love For Her

Love is a beautiful thing to be involved in, tell that lady lover of yours you love her now

*Love For Her*

When I look into your eyes I see my soul mate, never change my love, I love you as you are 

If there was another you in a parallel universe, guess what, I'll still choose you because my love for you is unparalleled

You are always like my forthcoming light after the night and I'll never tire of loving you 

I am so enamored of you beyond the reason why

The love you bear for me is one that keeps me in a state of utter ecstasy in love with you all the time

The one that I need all my bland days can only be you and I can't just imagine another

Me being with you is the only rainbow I need after the rain.
Love you dear 

Always in love with you I'll forever be so long as I breathe

My love for you is this, it's my everything in the face of nothing

My gratitude to God, my mum and you. 
God for keeping me to be able to see you and my mum for baring me to the world to be able to see you because you are my lover in everything

You who are so important to me is by a mile a dream I never thought can ever come true

I thank God everyday for the magic of your words to me especially the day you said yes. 
The best day of my life 

You are all that I have ever done right in my life and I'll give nothing for that 

The content of my soul was all you ever kept there

Life looks precious to me only because you exist 

I love you every step of the way and every leap of the day

We are on a bed of roses today only because you walked with me on the path of stones

Your kisses are like Midas touches, the smell of heaven

In love with you and never in hate I fall every day and there's never been a better time when falling was better than standing

I may not have  been your first but I promise you I'll be your last

21 Sweet Text To Her

Sweet messages to text to a girl that sets her heart in a state of love for you sparkling your relationship. 
Text to her now

*Sweet Text To Her*

You are the wellspring of my joy and the center of my universe.

I know I love you not that you magically appeared like love at first sight but because I grew into loving you slowly in my heart till the love I now feel for you

Loving you makes me so happy I ever came to earth in the first place

You remind me of a movie although I cannot recall but with a happy ending and I can be happier

Having you in my life is the best thing that you have enacted in my life and it's not for possession but appreciation

The day I saw you I knew I found the back way to paradise

I don’t need to indulge in vague dreams all night and day because I know I already have you.

When I see the wakeful stars at night alone, I think of you because you make me miserable without you

In sleep where I lie to dream things true, I have seen you become my wife and I can't wish for anything better

When I wake up each morning and I see you, silently I look to the heavens and I can't be any happier

It seems even Nature was fashioned in your eyes when I look into them

You remind me of your love that makes me feel alright when things seem to go sideways

My love for you is not bound by seasons or tines, it's eternal

You lay to ruin every frail lovelessness in my heart I ever had just by the sweet words from you that gives me assurance

The number of days and months we’ve been together all goes to nothingness when you go for just a day, I love you so much my love

In muchness, I love you each and every other day with a love so strong and so sturdy

If I know how to love today it's all because of you.

If you were a desert, I'll still stride in you

You are my paradise as also my universe and happily I can't live without your sun

Stranded on you for a lifetime I'll happily if you are a deserted island

I can’t stop falling in love with you, no matter the circumstances

21 Sweet Things To Text Your Boyfriend

Sweetness in a relationship should not have tenure but last till never, send that sweet text to your boyfriend letting him know you love him now. 

*Sweet Things To Text Your Boyfriend*

My love for you has no tenure, it's now and till tomorrow shall remain

Like winds offer to the wings of a bird you make me fly but without wings

You make me being without you indulge in idle reverie thinking of you because you are the sustenance of my soul

If my heart was ever a puzzle, you came and set the pieces right winning it for alone because it beats just for you

You bring out the light in me brighter than the sparkles in the stars

With you I never felt more heavenly on earth

I understand what difference the rich has from the poor when I am with you because true richness is that filled with love not things

You ease my mind and soul like flotsam in seas and no matter the storms so long as I have you, I know there's a lull around

Your eyes are like the curtains of the heavens when open with which I see their beauty

Your presence makes me joyful in hope that my tomorrow is such a lucky place

I may have hoped for a man who would gift all my dreams to reality but you came and gave me more than I ever dreamed of

I love you thrice with the amount you do me because I love you than I ever loved another

Any day anytime I'll give my bed for you just pillowed on your chest silently and happily

Your voice although hoarse and stiff to others when I hear, I feel no songbird sounded better

You know when I think of you, my inward brightens with glow that I cannot just hide but say how much I love you so

You are everything good in my life which as the light takes the dark, you take all my bad

You make it easier for me when life goes hard because as long as I have you I have it all

You are my friend, my lover, my brother, my darling, my father, my teacher, my joy and my revelry, you are all to me my versatile lover

You bring out the smile in me just thinking of you alone 

You are my heart's delight and from you I find much boon like never felt before

You are too me more than a lover but a best friend and I couldn't have hoped for more than you