Monday, 7 August 2017

19 Congratulation Messages For a New Job

Here's a list on how to congratulate that special person on attaining a new job and I promise you can never find a better list.
Check it out. 

Congratulation Messages For a New Job

Congratulation my daughter, I'm so happy you got you a new job, it must be a dream come true for you since you never liked your former one. 
Wish you all the best dear 

With everything you want from a job, I pray this proves better than your former job which you did
Congratulation my dear 

Congratulation on getting your ideal paid job, I am so happy for you my friend and I pray you get everything you have hoped for in this dream job

I am speechless and at the same time full with words to congratulate you on this upheaval in matter of weekends getting a way better job compared to what you did. 
Congratulation my dear sister 

Congratulation my lovely husband on getting a better chance to fulfill your every duty to this family, I'm so happy for us dear. 
God bless you

Congratulation uncle, I heard you just glommed one of the most sought after job in the labour m, I congratulate you and I hope this become a long time thing for you 

Congratulation dad, I just heard you've been offered a job and you would be mounting to office soon. 
I wish you the best 

I'm happy for you dad that even now you teach me on how to never relent in pursuance of one's goal
Congratulations on your new job dear. 

In half happy my dear sister as you have gotten the job you sought ask this while for but sadly you would be leaving soon but all the same we'll still talk. 

Congratulation my daughter for you have made this loving father, a proud man. 
Congratulation once again on your new job and most especially on taking hold of your own responsibilities

Congratulation my grandson is it seems like yesterday when I'd go to your room to tuck you good night and now you are a grown man with a job already. 
Congratulation my son 

Such bitter sweet feeling this leaves, I am very happy to be the father of you, my son.
I wish you the best as you travel to begin your life as an employee. 

I want you to serve well as an employee because from good service is how one learns to be a good leader. 
I know entrepreneurship is your ideal thing but I am proud you have taken this step to follow first before you lead. 
Congratulation my son

Congratulation my cousin, I heard you got a well paid job and I am writing to congratulate you and hope this will be the beginning of a better relationship with you as this will yield more money to my pocket.
On a more serious note, I'm happy for you. 
Wish you all the best 

I am happy my dear boyfriend that you have gotten this job, it's everything you ever wanted and that gives it a more successful taste.

Congratulation my lovely wife, I always knew you were the perfect wife not one to sheer sway all the responsibility to the man but a well bred and esteemed woman that even with all your accolades you still remain a loving wife and best mom to our kiss.
Congratulation in your new job dear.
Wish you the best

Congratulation my queen on getting a new job, I'm proud especially since it was a surprise to me, God bless you for making an effort make us financially stable. 

Thank you my lovely husband, it must be such a burden I know but I am happy you carry it with love of your family with you. 
God bless and Congratulations in this job, I pray you have a successful and higher climbing experience in the office. 

Congratulation dear friend, I heard you just got an upgrade in job and as this economy is, that is one heck of a news. 
I'm happy for you and wish you the best. 
Congratulation once more, good luck

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