Monday, 21 August 2017

19 Long messages To Send To Your Boyfriend

Sometimes it's not in so much the length but the content nonetheless send to that special guy you love him so. 

*Long messages To Send To Your Boyfriend*

I don't know the many truth there is in this world but to me there is one truth and it's that I love you and will never seize in doing so
I love you perhaps may never learn to love another one as much but I know I love you uniquely

Your loving of me makes me feel like serving isn't bad after all so long as the substance is love

I never knew what love is but you showed me more because you didn't just show me but gave true love

Being with you makes my past like they all summed up to the climax of you. 
Thanks for giving me a happy ending

If the moon halts it's sway by morning, the sun by evening and the weather changes as easy as it shows, I promise you my love shall be one Constant that remains

I love you so much my dearest love and sometimes meseems there is no measure even if to the width of the world

More than a mother loves her newly born son or a mother hen her chick that I love you so much

I love you too much and what pains me most is that in saying it I can never say it enough because there's no word invented yet for that

How much you mean to me how much a tree depends on the dew and showers for sustenance

Meeting you must if it was just sheer luck, the greatest luck I've ever had will ever have

You touch my heart in ways never before more than anything I ever felt bad that's how I know you are the one

More than how sweetly it is to slake a parched tongue, you quench my thirst of longing and refill with love

Loving you is my own fantasy that I swear I would never want to see a real world if it were all lies

You are not the best thing to have happened to me alone but the best amongst the things to yet happen

My love for you is forever and will ever be as constant as the Earth hold in the sky

Nothing compares to you when it comes to me, all other compares to pale magnitude

You bring put not just the best in me but you make me see the world in a whole new hue and colors

I don't mean to be to mushy but since I fell for you it seems the world became a better place to live and I see things differently

I must say magic exists and I believed even more the day I fell for you

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