Tuesday, 29 August 2017

19 Love You Messages

Love you messages are like Magic, make it a habit to send to your lover

*Love You Messages*

When I look at you and catch you staring at me already, I feel like the heavens have come again

If you are my sin, then I don't want to be purged

Seeing you I understood what it meant being a soul mate

Together with you is what my idea of heaven is

You make my soul light in flame just by a haze into your soft eyes

The day I saw you I felt our heart beat as one. 

You are my perfect candidate for my future and I don't see another taking your place

You make my heart hippity huppity by one look into your eyes from where I draw my inspiration

I love you like nothing like the sun for my love would sear any foe that tries preventing us from being a pair

You only know how to do me right in ways no one else has ever accomplished because you hold a key to my soul

I can believe that even when it seems a lifetime you said those words to me, I love you like it's just yesterday

I fall in thrall with and over you everyday because you make in my soul what another cannot

I fall for you many times over even I know I have your love because your love is renews in my heart daily like a Phoenix

The yawn you make every morning holds more beauty than the mild puff of the morning wind

I love you and it's something I'll never tire of saying not so long as much as I breathe

I can't help but think I might just wake up one day and realize it was all a dream because you are my world and I'll damn if that ever happens

I ever heard of destiny but you made me understand it the day you loved me

Being jilted by someone I was pained and then you found me and I knew right away that I was chosen by dross while Gold waited by

You are everything this universe never deserve, innocent, beautiful, ethereal and sublime and I'm most happy being your lover

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