Tuesday, 15 August 2017

19 Romantic Quotes

Being romantic is a lot of work but it starts with messages like this. 

*Romantic Quotes*

Me loving you is like the wheel to my soul because it brings me happiness when I'm with you

You are the every reason why when I face the consequences of life, I come out headstrong because I am assured by an angel that is you

Tiff make my life fraught with do much joy that sometimes I fear being too happy

I don't know if I'm going crazy but you make me feel happy to the point I hope to be saddened sometimes because the happiness you I feel undeserving of your love 

You are so beautiful to my eyes like eternal sunshine that never fades

Loving you makes me feel so passionate about life that I just have to get up each day and make you a proud lover

If guardian angel are true is no longer a question because I have one by you

Suffice it to say but your love to me is nothing describable

I love you so much that words will ever pale in saying how much because you encapsulate  my everything joy

You are like my favorite movie seeing you forever gives me joy

Your hands that fits perfectly on mine cannot be any truer why we are fated to be because you are mine as I am yours

You are the very reason I look forward to every wee seconds of life

How much I think that if I never met you I wouldn't be this happy yet you make me happy beyond my imagination

You make my world so bright that no amount of discerning could ever explain how sweetly you make my insides feel

If the Saints touches are impeccable, try a kiss from you because it's magical

You are the reason life gives to me a reason to live

Ever since I met you I knew how it must feel to be in heaven

You are to me heaven and with all its heavenly seem

Every iota of your lovely face is like gold mine where holds true more beauty than ever seen

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