Tuesday, 29 August 2017

19 Romantic Text

Romance in a relationship is as wondrous like Magic. 
Now send a romantic text let that lady/man lover of yours know you prize them high in your life.

*Romantic Text* 

Your love to me unlike Christmas is a daily ecstasy and it's why I love you more

I would the Time were always still each time I am with you because with you I could relive our everyday together

Being your lover I don't mind if all day to tend to you because your love makes me happy always

Every inch of you is like a sweet reverie only seen in dreams

Like a toy soldier, I couldn't help but fall the day the whirlwind of your love struck me

The things loving you do to me, it's as astounding as the Midas's touch

Being with you I never felt more fulfilled I had lived a better life

The love of you in me is like the effect of a strongly built house because it's unshakable

If my heart was a sickness, then you are my doctor because you came and took away my plight in love

Loving another aside you is like building a sand-made house, it cannot be as loving you

Like rainfall upon a droughty land, you are twice important to me and there's no replacing you for me

I love you ten times the strength of the love I love another

You are to me what no one else can replace because you are in my heart one of your kind

You give me such sweet love like my life has been drenched in all sweetness

You make me understand the beauty of falling in love and I thank you everyday for that

If life never gave me you I always ponder the misfortune I would have had because loving you has been my greatest delight

You make the Sun in my world shine eternally that even when it is night, I see day and the beauties of the morning

You came to my rescue when lovelorn I existed in this earth but you came and taught me how to live and love

With all passion and ecstasy, I love you especially so beautifully that there's no "how" or "why" to describe

The words of love in my heart for you is as true as gravity brings all things up, down


  1. Hi Paul,
    Thank you so much for these romantic quotes. I love this one : "If life never gave me you I always ponder the misfortune I would have had because loving you has been my greatest delight"
    Check out some of the beautiful motivation quotes i curated.

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