Monday, 21 August 2017

20 Beautiful Text For Her

Most beautiful relationships are not so because of anything but the beautiful things both parties share. 
Send that most beautiful message to that lucky girl to spark her day now.

*Beautiful Text For Her*

Having you has been one of the best replay of my life every time I think on the memo we've both of us made

Your love to me is as rose, as brilliant and fiery forever

Your mention of my name is like a magical mantra that pursues ask of my worries away

You turn my life from good in what it plain as day from the night I lived

What you are to me is what no one else has been able to accomplish, indispensable

They say two wrong don't make a right but if loving you was wrong then I never want to make a right

You make my life and all of my life's prayer made and unmade seem answered already all because I met you

You are like the wind and I like wind vane, without you I cannot move

Your love to me is like an evergreen tree, it never loses its novelty

From the day you spoke my name I knew the angels are real and they've come through you

You are by a landslide the greatest thing to happen to me without which any other is less

To me there are two days I'll always be grateful for happening to me
One is that I was born and two is that I found you

My loving you is bound by fate and it's one reason I cannot do without you not even if I choose to

Loving you is my own happy ending that never has an end

Like deathless and ageless you are too me never losing its essence in my eyes and in my soul

The day I met you was the day I knew I'd found my soul mate

You are to me what no one else would ever near to be not now or in the future

If loving you was a mistake and then I never want to do the right thing

A lover who takes my pain and turn them to my gain

I love you in ways Romeo never loved Juliet because not only can I die for you but I'll live for you too

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