Monday, 7 August 2017

20 Congratulation Messages For College Graduate

To that special college graduate who is all happy and joyful after graduation. 
Here's just how to stoke that joy with your caring message.

Congratulation Messages For College Graduate

A big CONGRADUATION to you my pal, now that those class days are over and done with, I must say I am welled in joyfulness for you and wish you the best post-college. 
Love you, no homo

I would love to place a big hug on you on making it out to the real world dear. 
I hope you never stop giving your best though. 
Never stop learning and always strive for excellence.

I am not one to drop those motivational mushy speeches and bore you but today I feel you deserve it my friend,
You have proven that time and again you have all it takes for being productive and doing what you were born to. 
All I want you to have is belief that you can and never doubt that innate spirit of doggedness you have.

Upon graduating my friend is just the beginning towards the achievable end my son, but I want to congratulate you on achieving that first part.
I wish you a brighter and better things to come in the labour market.

Congratulations, my daughter, you have always cut it as a perfect figure and emblem of womanhood that never want to accept that this is a man's world. 
I pray that you achieve all your achievable dreams my love, take care

On being a graduate is everything I ever wanted for you and on that I say I congratulate you. 
As for your future now, it depends from now on on every little decision you make and I pray you'll model them towards the best things.
Wish you the best dear 

I am ever certain of the son I have witnessed all the way to this stage my boy and I hope that you fulfill all your heart desires.
God bless

It now more than ever boils down not only to brilliance but being smart and God seeking on every step you'll take from now on, so choose wisely dearest nephew. 
Congratulation on your graduation dear. 

I hope your expectations will not be cut short my dear but should they be, God forbid, never stop making new plans and striving because it's now how much you fall but that youstand afterwards.
Congratulation dear.

Congratulation upon graduating my love, I am happy in this day of yours for you and I truly wish you all smiles and joy as you now venture into the labour market.
Congratulation once more dear.

More than you will ever know, I am happy you have carried and sailed this dream to reality and made good of your promise to finish school. 
I wish you all the best even here on out. 
Stay grounded and keep striving. 
Congratulation once more my son on graduating.

You are the best thing to happen to me, ambitious, enterprising, hardworking, insatiable and strong. 
I wish you my love the best after college and the best jobs too. 
Love You 

I shall always remember this day, my grandson you made me my proudest, thank you for although the journey was rough as I can attest but you stuck through and now you are the better for it. 
Congratulation my dear son.

Happy Graduation my princess. 
I bless the day God gave you to us and I am so happy that you have stayed yourself grounded all the way. 
I wish you all the best dear. 

I pray my that you beat even more feat in the future because life itself is a journey and yours has been worth it so far. Congratulations on graduating my friend and take care

Congratulation dad upon graduating, when you started out with the thought to go back to college I was like doubting the need to and that seemed like yesterday but now you have truly shown yourself persistent and that has got you here today 
Congratulation, as weird as it sounds, dad to you. 
Love you

A mammoth congratulation on your graduation my son, and on behalf of all of our friends and family that will be visiting to come celebrate with you, we wish you the best luck as you start a new journey.
Congratulation on graduating dear. 

With all those days and nights in school when you'll go sleepless and tired eyes in the morning, seeing you finally graduating gives me a bitter sweet memories to those times because I'll miss my roommate. 
Congratulation on graduating dear friend. I wish the best of luck to you. 

Congratulations on your achieving this feat dear, I am happy for you coz and looking forward to better things with you and myself as I will be graduating in a matter of months too. 
I wish us the best dear. 

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and this is a whole lot than a step in this journey called life. 
Congratulation, I hope your future adventures turn our good as well. 

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