Monday, 7 August 2017

20 Congratulation Messages For Daughter

Being a parent to a girl is a delicate thing and could be hard but nonetheless on that breakthrough for her here's how to show you really care by carefully placed words. 

Congratulation Messages For Daughter

My dear daughter, I could go on and on singing your praises to your career well planned and carried.
You put a smile on my face each time I think there's a daughter doing me proud. 
Congratulation and thanks for making me not just a better father but a better example of fatherhood. 

With gratitude in my heart, I say thank God and you for making my latter day which I am in now as stress free and happy as possible.
Congratulations my dear daughter on your marriage

To everything I ever hoped in a daughter, congratulation my daughter in your birthday. 
May God keep you long enough to reap also your own daughter's happiness. 

You, my daughter are not a chimera in parts but in personality, with well bred disposition, kindheartedness, civility, beautiful, I could go on and on my darling daughter but as your mother, I want you to never change. 
Always stay yourself and congratulation on your award. 
Love you. 

Congratulations on your wedding my daughter, it really filled me with tears and till I still suffer to admit my daughter is now someone else's but ask the same congrats my love, I am so happy for you

Dear daughter, congratulations on your promotion and I heard you finally received the much awaited and deserved position 
May it be a cause to fulfill all other aspect of your life, Amen. 
Love you

Congratulations on your sponsorship deal which I heard you attained after much dithering, I pray you get the capital enough to see to day your dreams my dear, congratulations and father loves you

Congratulations to your first daughter and you my daughter 
I am happy that now you have a daughter you'll fully understand the sentiment of being a mother too. 
I love you my princess, take care and congratulation.

May today be just a tip of what is a giant iceberg of happiness to ensue in your life my dear, happy wedding and married life henceforth.
Congratulation and always remember you'll always be our own baby. 

It fills me, your father with untold joy to know I fathered a girl as you, congratulations my lovely daughter upon your graduation, I wish you the best of luck. 
Love you

Hard work and determination my girl, never goes unrewarded and if anyone doubts I'll show them a living example, YOU. 
Congratulations on being crowned, employee of the year. 
Love you dear. 

You are all a father needs in a daughter, a husband needs in a wife, a child needs in a mother and a friend needs in a friend of 
Congratulation my daughter for bringing better than my expectations of you 
Love you dear. 

I am so happy that you, my daughter have trailed a path worthy of a girl with dreams and not carried away by the norm. 
I wish you all the best as you'll need from now and always know, Mama and s always here should you need me. 

Kudos my daughter!
I am happy you have thrown all misgivings to grow and have learnt so much in so little time, moving on with every fiber of strength and courage and achieving the things you have now. 
I celebrate you my dear. 

Congratulations on your examination.
I heard you A'd almost everything a d I must say I would be lying if I was surprised. 
Congratulation on being the best of yourself and not being carried away. 
Keep it up my dear. 
Love you. 

I'm grateful to God giving you this this day, your day to see and me in joyful tears to see the girl I tended for walking down the aisle. 
Congratulations my daughter, love you always

Congratulations on your new promotion in the office just months from the first.
Hope to see you at the top. 
Love, father

My dear, I am so happy you being here today is a thing of joy and utmost respect to me as a father seeing my daughter married. 
Congratulations my dear

Congratulations on your birthday my 20th birthday my daughter as you bid byes to the teenage years. 
May you be graced with grace and joy all yours days. 
Wish you the perfection of your life in every way.
Love you

To success my daughter as you've proved yourself a woman when we wished you remain our girl, congratulation on attaining your first paid employment.
Love you dear daughter

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