Monday, 7 August 2017

20 Congratulation Messages For High School Graduate

Looking for ways to congratulate that loved ones on making it from high school.
Look no further
You've just found the perfect list. 

Congratulation Messages For High School Graduate

Congratulation my boy on your graduation, time must really be leaving me behind in running because I recall you on getting into 5th grade only yesterday and now College is upon you. 
Congratulation my lil brother

To my best friend and classmate, I am happy we have finally made it our of high school and finally it's something to be happy about. 
Congratulation my fellow mate and friend and see you in college.

Upon being a high school graduates, my big brother, I am really looking forward to follow in your footstep.
I wish you all the best and more happiness to come.

You have done us proud and me especially because I never really had the privilege to finish highschool but I am happy I was able to train you through it. 
God bless dear. 

Congratulations on your success and I hope you revel in it because when college comes I want you to be even more determined to be your best.
Congratulation dear

Now that you've graduated, I want to call the whole family together because you are our child and your joy is ours so we can congratulate you proper in this feat. 

You are now a man my boy, because you have beaten the stages of high school now I hope you thrive better into the trying stages of college and come out best.
Congratulation my boy

I must say I'm so happy that you my grandson has made grandpa proud and I am definitely not going to miss this opportunity for a reunion with my boy so we can talk more about everything. 
Congratulation my dear boy, grandpa and grandma love your so much. 

I congratulate you in graduation from high school boy and I pray you also use this time amidst the celebration to think about your desired future course and the college because it's a more defining time than this one but all the same enjoy it now.
Congratulation dear nephew

Your dedication to being an amazing student not just a little normal good student is what I celebrate the most upon your graduation. 
Congratulation my princess on graduating today.

Dear graduate, congratulations on this beautiful experience of finally graduating, I am a happy you are amongst the few with a distinction.
Congratulation my daughter and most especially because you worked hard for it.

I beseech you to carry on and don't waver on your efforts to be the best even as college acceptance letters is soon upon us.
Congratulation my dear son

You, graduating leaves me a single mother proud that will all the pain and hardwork, there is an end result of it. 
Thank you my son for not giving me any reason to be fed up the more. 
Mama will always love you. 

To your unmatched effort for brilliance, I say congratulations on graduating and excelling at the same time.

I wish you my cousin and the best, I heard you'll be graduating today and I am elated for you and to the future.

Keep up the good work my niece, it's nice to congratulate someone in this family on this because it brings to mind my own graduation too. 
I hope you enjoy the moment before college knocks. 

Are you prepared for the next step to college
I really hope so because it's a whole new ball game but before that, congratulation in graduation from high school dear. 

Congrats! my boy on making me proud through out your high school days and as you will now be seemingly free to make decisions in college, I wish you the best.
Congratulation on your graduation dear once again 

I wish you a even more successful future as you make for the university my son and make us proud as you did in high school. 
Congratulation dear

Thanks for making us not have cause one day to nag at the helms of affairs in your school for any reason whilst there she even graduating one of the best student.
I pray you'd become even better, Amen 

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