Monday, 7 August 2017

20 Congratulation Messages For New Home

In getting a new house, congratulation alone just don't cut it because you'll need to send a more caring message to that special someone on a special occasion.

Congratulation Messages For New Home

As a couple you need a home not a house and a house plus a happy family forms that, I pray you build a happy family together dear. 

Now that you have finally moved to your new house, I cannot say exactly how it moves me to be glad for both your sake but I am really happy for you two young couple. 

I am so happy and I even thought it was first a dream but then I must commend both of your effort towards getting your own place. 
God bless you and congrats.

Congratulation uncle on your new home. 
Now that I finally am done with school I can come by at will now to revel in this wonderful achievement with you. 
Take care sir

If anyone deserves a treat like a new home by fate, it's you because you've sacrificed everything for this. 
Congratulations on your dream home big brother. 

It feels me with purpose now more than ever seeing you have attained your dream home and I hope to follow in that stead. 
Congratulation my big sis

Every deserve that that comes with having your own place and I must say we most of ask deserve to live comfortably.
Congratulation my friend on this new home of yours

What a job, my friend you got there with a perk like this. 
Congratulation on your new home. 
Wish you all the best 

You are now the living every Nigerian man's dream. 
A good wife. 
A home of your own especially like your new one so posh 
And beautiful children. 
I envy you mahn. 

I see you are living like a king your own made heaven. Congratulations on your new home my dear grandson.

This beautiful surprise of yours swept me of my feet because even now I am still stunned this house belongs to us. 
Congratulation dear sweet husband. 
I'm the luckiest wife in the world. 

You are the best my love, I’m so happy for all the blessings God has inundate us with especially the opening of our new house. 
Congratulation my love

Congratulations on your new house my son, I am so happy and mother you've fashioned your family in a happy manner.
I pray this be the start of something greater. 

O! my love, you have worked hard for this place since last year giving everything to complete the interior of your house little did I know it had reach it's completion.
Congratulation my dear on your new home and may you enjoy. 

I pray that now you enjoy ask that you've put in place from your younger days because we only live once. 
Congratulation especially on your new home. 
Wish you all the best. 

Such splendor of a home I have until now never seen. Your house looks every bit of a palace. 
Congratulation my big brother. 

I’m happy dear friend that your finally built your very own place because having a house of your own is really one heck of an achievement over here. 
Congratulation on making it. 

My friend, I must say I am happy for you that you now have a real place, I pray all other things fall into place soon. 

I pray this home will be the center where good things shall overflow in your family. 
Happy new house and a nice one for that matter. 

Congratulation my dear father, I heard you just got a new place, I am so happy and I must say I didn't see it coming.
Nice to have another crib away from home. 
Love you dad.

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