Monday, 7 August 2017

20 Congratulation On A New Business

To a business adventure, young in opening.
Here's how to send your well wishes to that special someone credited with the business. 

Congratulation On A New Business

With your dedication to brilliance and your hope in hopeless situation, I accrue this new business to, I always doubted the idea of it but you've time and again prove nothing is impossible. 
Congratulation my friend and have the best of things to come. 

Luck is when all the ingredients of success concocts properly and this my friend is the definition of true opportunity meeting commitment, and on your part is a very big deal, congratulations my son, I hope you shake the world of business with your new business venture.

Congratulations my boy on your new joint enterprise and with a power house in Nigeria's business industry, I must say I was proud and shocked at once hearing of it. 
Here's to a son thriving than his father and doing him proud. 

Your dreams and destination in life always told the kind of person you are because you have shown you have a wonderful future ahead every single time and with this new business operations, I pray you fulfill all your dreams. 

Congratulations for being a role model in today manly world, it must irk some that you don't seem to run out of heights to reach.
Congratulations my dear daughter on your new business and keep on irking them.
Love you

A panegyric to you my dear son, I just want to sing for you upon this initiative and on reaching the pinnacle of your career so independent enough to start your own adventure and business, and to a happy and successful marriage, Congratulation my lovely son

To good health, happiness, to a wonderful mother, and daughter, and to your new business venture, I congratulation you and I wish you a year of good proceeds and returns. 
Have a wonderful year to come my friend. 

My dearest ex colleague, I'll lie if I say I did not envy that you blossom this much after quitting your job and starting your own new business but knowing you have done all womanhood proud in this fills me with hope for you.
Congratulations my friend 

Congratulation my cousin on your new business plan, I must say I find it intriguing and the proposal well thought out,  cheers to a probable alliance in the future and to your new venture. 

Congratulation dear uncle, I heard you are in for a new business strategy involving entrepreneurship and I must say that's a whole big step. 
I wish you all the best in this and pray it blooms. 

I know that you really worked hard in reaching here because reaching here is what got you up in the morning itself so I am elated you have open finally the business of your dreams. 
Congratulation and may it not stop there. 
Wish you the best 

Let us celebrate today my friend together and with cheers to your moving forward beyond all obstacles finally opening your business you always dreamed of.
You have proven yourself as someone not ready to give up and I appraise that. 
God speed my friend 

Congratulations on your way to the top and a proof is the ingenuity of your new venture which is commendable, I hope it goes gets the recognition and sponsor it needs. 
Wish you the best dear.

Congratulations my lovely daughter on your business deal and adventure you just embarked on, I heretofore didn't see sense in it but you have shown that genius runs in the family. 
I wish that all you'll need to get this business running even more successfully will not be wanting
Wish you the best dear 

Congratulation on your new enterprise, albeit an altogether new one but the first of businesses are a product of genius. 
Wish you the best, friend 

On your new hotel down the road, I must confess it filled me with awe, such new yet with flurry of people. 
Congratulations on its success dear friend

Congratulation dear husband on your new marketing company, I pray that this company grow in size and proceeds, Amen 
Wish your all the best dear

Congratulation my wife upon not yielding to the pressures of defeat and opening your own place of business. 
I hope it turns out good 

Albeit small, I an proud of you my son for the initiative of this enterprise and for the effort to start something out of the ordinary.
Wish you all the best

Congratulation for you just won my support with ingenuity my friend, and I hope on this new business of yours which I'll be happy to invest in by your proposals, we'll have the most fecund relations.

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